August 18th, 2006

running, bomb tech

Still no more crickets in the pancakes!

Planet wank reaches Metaquotes. Red, Red Wine.
I'm on ur chair... (cat-hilarity captioned photo, of the "in ur base killing ur d00dz" root meme)
Bees on a plane!

I think I might have ovulated Tuesday night, if that's what it's supposed to feel like if it is slightly painful. I've felt that pain before, though the previous time, I was driving, and it was a lot sharper, and "echoed" more about my insides.

Management today said that I was doing very well with the database, and there was a lot of happiness going around over it. That has yet to fully sink in, but yay?! I made people happy by whipping up a report for Dayshift and an average length by interviewer report for the Dendarii Brewing Company team. -- two essentials in life! Also, the redhead says Alaskans are nuts.

There have been problems with water temperature for a while. Today there was a sign on the front gate saying that it would be fixed by noon tomorrow (Friday). Here's hoping!
phone, cordless phone

Scary day!

OMFG water: city has given apartment complex 5-day
notice about water shutoff for non-payment of bills.
ARGH! Dwellers can organize their own deal with the
city, ‘cause the city knows it ain’t us. Also,
apartment complex management swapover. The current
company is selling to another company. Angst!!

Brain is linked to feet sometimes. The one religious
blonde girl was looking at me like I was alien when I
started pacing. Either that or crazygeek. She said
that she missed me on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and I was the
only one who handed out the daily stats. That means I
should make it easy for everyone to hand out same, and
that means a DB with a pushbutton to do same, ooo, or
new command in the system. Just run it at five, get
the printout, if we had seats pastede on yay then all
is good.

Hehe, a command group to do all 5pm reports.
phone, cordless phone


Jittercrazy. Working on getting the silly production
averages. *bounce*

Fixed Trendy Chick’s team’s spreadsheet. Gossiped.
Moral of the story? Do *not* piss off people who know
dirt on you, for they will lose their loyalty and
fucking rat you out to people who are similarly pissed
with you. Hoo boy am I going to giggle over this one
for weeks. *Weeks*, man.

Flamin’ queer for the win.