August 25th, 2006

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Another life, another evening spent

After the redhead went to bed, I eventually wound up settling down with a book before the knock at the door arrived. It was figment0, come to check up on me to see if I was all right, as I was not at work. He's not used to the work schedule that leaves me with Thursdays off! I reassured him, shared some of the recent pun battles with him, and then set about taking care of dishes while socializing. That led to working on the stove, and Mr. Overachiever proceeded to get it squeaky-clean, not just the "close enough for Flylady" that I was going for.

While he knocked himself out on the stove (and he's got the same derangement I'm trying to train myself into improving: he'll do just fine cleaning Other People's Stuff, but he won't take care of his own) I attacked the dining room/pantry area. (Earlier, I had removed all the craft items that were in the laundry soap bucket, and got them into some of the drawers that had been emptied.) I moved things from the pantry shelves to inside cupboards. I moved other things from shelf to shelf. The random zip disks got shelved near the CDs. They're not home yet, but at least it's a start. They're old tech, but I'm going to keep them at least for now; I have Plans about getting one of the old boxen up and running with a zip drive on.

The Figment left, and I attacked the box of technological stuff harder. There was only one box in there, and that was an IBM, not a Compaq. My mistake. So we're only an 8-computer household, with seven potentially workable machines and two half-machines, both laptops lacking HD, battery, memory, and probably some more good stuff. The IBM moved onto my bed for a bit, and suddenly some more floor was uncovered. Amazing! I quickly changed that status, and moved the old monitor, the vacuum cleaner, and a bit of random into the clear space. It's quasi-clutter, but the point is, it's different clutter. And that's good.

I proceeded to hang out on IRC, polish my nails, get distinctly tipsy, and mess with my journal's style. I want to do the following: add mini-calendar, hack in a sidebar, give myself the usual fun with free text and such, and keep the whole gradient strip look to it all. At least that. I did poke around somewhat extensively, and got my sonnet in there, rather half-assedly, but it's in there, and that's what counts. That sonnet is going to be dragged around after me, security blanket style, for quite some time.

Things to print out before con: "Slughorns that Teach" (safe for everyone but hcolleen and others who dislike filk, and those who cannot abide Slughorn or HBP in any form). High-Speed Connection. Network Admin Dreaming. Any other random little filks I can think of.
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Work! And other strange objects.

Started while at work today, e-mailed to myself:

Management wanted to know my position on becoming a Data Person. Other call centers have a Data Person who crunches their numbers and does stuff like that, and if they are going to keep pulling me to do that sort of thing, they might as well have me do that.

My position on it is that I do like working with computers better than I like working with interviewers, and it's more within my skill set. Management does not want to inhibit my professional growth, though.

I feel I have more professional growth working with the computers. I pointed out my only schedule inflexibility, that being gotta be out by 5pm on Wednesdays for my writers' group.

This query is taking a long time. (That's why I'm taking notes on the brainstate: query running.) It has a lot of bad motherswyving joins. (Hee, hee, ancient profanity.)

I'm in ur dialer, cancellin' ur campaigns. *giggle*

I far prefer a description of the laugh to "LOL". Laughing Out Loud just tells you that it was not an internal laugh. ROTFLASC is rather more descriptive, and one can guess that it was a "Bwa-ha-ha-hee-hoo-hyuk-hyuk-ha-ha-ha!" rather than a suppressed snort of laughter like *snerk* would be. I would prefer for someone to respond to a quip of mine with "Ha!" or "Ha-ha-ha!" or something that indicates that they have a range of emotional states in the "laughing out loud" department.

Oh, I had not only a lot of joins, but they were bad. So. Heh. Bad me. No wonder it was taking for swyving ever.

Banged off a report really quick. I do like doing this stuff.

I am holed up in a monitor room doing stuff.

(back home)
I had to attempt to explain why people are taking the Pluto thing so hard to Stressy College Chick. She didn't quite get it.

CNN's website will be showing a real-time stream of their coverage on September 11th, 2001, on the anniversary of that date. I don't think I'll be watching. It was not particularly avoidable that day. I sincerely doubt that I could have coped then without Darkside's arm to cling to, and since a replay of the TV coverage won't come with complimentary trip to see your best friend to watch it with, I'm opting out.


IMs of the bizarre:
Random MSNer: hey who is thi
Random MSNer: s
Miss Lunatic: Um, you're the one IMing me. Shouldn't you know that?
Random MSNer: umm no
Miss Lunatic: All right then. I can safely assume that since you don't know, you don't need to know. Have a nice life! *waves*