August 27th, 2006


Cunning applications of guile and glee!

Yay work where I write up lengthy reports on "why this system is on crack"! Yay meetings at work where I start coming to terms with the idea that yes, that little spreadsheet app that I whipped together is in fact shaving from 1 to 1.5 hours off the nightly paperwork and cleanup on my team. ("That's marketable," Dad says.) I did let them know that my return to the team was under question, and that I'd keep them informed. We're changing treatment of sample for the win. Yay work e-mails wherein I make slightly sarcastic commentary that slides under the noses of proofreaders!

Yay happy conversing with roommates! hcolleen did the "Gosh, that sounds familiar!" thing when I started describing the Quintarian religion (I wear pilgrim's ribbons, of the Bastard, at cons), and it turns out that she's read The Curse of Chalion. I asked if she wanted to read the sequel, and at an answer in the affirmative, gleefully pointed out the appropriate location on the shelf. Oh, and if you see Ethan of Athos lying around, it has m/m UST in it. Tasty!

Yay talking to Darkside for 39 minutes! (My timing was off the first time, but it was dead on the next time, and we had a good chat. Warned him that I'd be at the con next weekend, so I might not call. I will probably find time anyway, though, and be all full of bubbly cheer, but it's good to let him know beforehand.) Called my parents, and had a good long geek-session with Dad, and got an interrogation from Mama.

Work was full of me angsting and banging my head on things and making beautiful graphs to discuss why things were going badly. I attempted to post by e-mail, but it wasn't recognized as valid. I'll try and re-do, attempting to preserve the random pretty pictures. (I censored everything specific that I could think of with cunning application of Paint.)

I went for a little walk while I talked with the parents. That was nice. I should probably shower and hit bed, because I want to be up bright & early to start work and then get out in a reasonable amount of time to go give plasma. While what I told Mama was true, I am pretty much in budget, there is not exactly much room in said budget. But I am a proud Lunatic most of the time, and am attempting to Make a Point as well as live simply.

Dad cautions me to not give too much notice and to have someone trained to fill my shoes when I do leave work. That is a good idea. He also says that beware of getting into the kind of technical management position where you are just doing backups and fixing things, and don't actually have time to make anything or experiment or innovate, because that is deadly boring.

In the spirit of decluttering, I took an old calendar and shuffled over the old data to my Google calendar. I like to have that sort of data. It makes my life tidier when I want to look back on it and see what was happening. Reading Cyteen at an impressionable age made me want things so that I could back up my mind at a moment's notice. Hooray my mind, eh?

Here I go attempting to pack a full work week into 3 days. I am only marginally insane, and may come in for a few hours on Thursday. (Then, I might not.)

Don't drop your iPod in an airplane toilet. Via slashdot.
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