September 3rd, 2006

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Coppercon: Saturday evening/Sunday morning

I now know the difference between enthusiastic "OMG that was so cool" filk circle applause and too-hearty "Nice try!" filk circle applause. I got the former for my delivery of "George Lucas's Ghost", and the latter for "High-Speed Connection". I need to rehearse that one, with the tune in my ears.

I zooped out of filking at 11 or so for the Alien Sex Toys panel. That was horribly giggly and great fun. There was at least one person in the audience who set off my predator alarms; I would make sure to avoid his presence in any context other than attending a public event together. I'd not want to converse with him, not even in public.

When we got back to the filk, things were wrapping up. I was pounced upon for my internet-fu the instant I came through the doors. Someone half-had "Quaddie Ballet", and couldn't quite get the tune. I half-had the tune too. Google found lyrics with Echo's Children, but not sheet music. We managed to have fun with it despite it all. The reason that one doesn't stick in my head like it should is because of the harmonies. I can't sing harmony with myself, so it comes out wrong, halfway between the notes.

"Do you do the Butterbug Blues?" I asked. She did. We proceeded to whoop and holler our way through that, after a few missteps at the beginning where I was singing too high for her. So I shifted to my tenor range and we fairly well nailed it.

smmc sort of showed up a bit belatedly, and alas, we were decamping. So we hit the anime room. There was yaoi! Silly, PG-13 yaoi. There was this magical hotspring that granted wishes, and while the two lovebirds were getting it on in the main hotspring, the three little kids wished themselves grown-up already, and the three tired teenage babysitters wished themselves little kids again. Then this guy came out of nowhere and figured out how to get them all back again. (Evidently he only shows up for this episode.)

The laptop battery only holds half-charge now, alas!

Then there was a movie about a goat and a wolf who became friends. It was lovely and when I was tiny I would have hated it because it would have made me cry. I checked the desk to see where I should put Vash. Evidently right there was fine for the weekend; Monday, I should park over thattaway. Then I got my shower and went to bed. There was kinderscreaming. Kinderscreaming happens. Fortunately, by the time I got out of the bath, it was all over. Except for scooping the larger kinder out of my bed and re-ensconcing him on the couch. (He attempted to crawl in with me later; Mommy reclaimed him.)

Now it is morning-ish. I found a can of peaches and a saving roll. (I have been making that joke all weekend.)

Bird crap. Bird crap is another disadvantage to checking e-mail in the courtyard. It's also too bright to properly see my screen and has no electrical outlets. So I went into the gaming room. The guy who resembles Darkside is in here. Fortunately for my sanity, he's also rather louder and more outgoing, so I am not getting the full hormone-whammy.
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Random little natterings

There were kids in the lobby with straw-rocket-balloons. One kid complained that his was leaking. It was spit, of course. "Rocket fuel?" I asked. He giggled and proceeded to actively drool into his balloon to enhance the effect. EWW.
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Shared trickofthedark's latest HP Widdershins ficlet with tamtrible. There was much of the giggling.

Cuddling up to a warm laptop is a good cure for over-air-conditioning. Hooray for laptops. Hooray for conventions. Hooray for wireless internet.

I'm still not all the way awake. I suspect I'm not going to be very much of that for very much of the rest of the weekend, though I seem to be hatching a Cunning Plan.

...Last night I was hit by an incredible spasm of the "erk I haven't seen Darkside in far too long" and nearly went spare. So. Since there's not much programming this afternoon that I Absolutely Have to See, I may well ditch the con for an afternoon and head out to Mesa. I'm halfway there already...

Someone was under the impression that I was in costume as a fairy yesterday. Evidently when I am perky, I am Very, Very Perky. I was just in my regular clothes, with the fluffy skirt and the high-energy. No fairy costume, just me. (Is that really how I look?)

Picked up a copy of Pretty Little Dead Girl. This makes me very happy.
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Fear death by fanfic


It's a little hard to distinguish some of the Ms. Ethnic World contestants toting costume from con-goers. Except the ladies in question don't have con badges.

Darkside was Not There, as he'd gone off with Friends -- I probably should have called ahead, his father said. Yeah, I probably should have, but it was all right for me to make the trip there. There from here at the con site is not half as far as there from home base. And I felt like I needed to get some air.

I seem to have collected a bit of a fangirl. That amuses-and-delights me ever so greatly! I have a very small handful of amusing filksongs. It's evidently nice to have original and amusing material at circles.

Some complete random just came up to me to dump his squee about talking to OMG GREAT WRITER. He'd evidently been sitting HARD on his inner fanboy throughout the twenty-minute conversation, and had to talk to someone, anyone, including the random chick with laptop, about it lest he explode. The transaction has left him less in danger of going 'splodey, and me possessed of a bigger grin.

Fandom is a small enough community that I bet people on the Bujold list who know me online are here at the con right now and don't even recognize me. (And I don't even recognize them, because the badges? So not particularly readable. Or informative.)

I guess I would be getting more out of the con experience if I had more of a crowd (a few people are good; for someone like me, an active crowd is so much better) ... and partly, everything compares back to CTY. This isn't CTY. I should probably stop expecting it to be, but anything that isn't even approaching CTY is going to be a bit of an anticlimax. It may be delightfully fun and worth the repeating, but ... not what it could have been.
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...and then I have a very amusing interlude writing collaborative randomness with tamtrible and lord_maahes, and I think that there's serious potential for this con. Only half of everyone left when the Leslie Fish concert was over! That does not make me the happy, because people for filk circle are good!

Aha! Filk circle is attracting people! We might actually fill up the bulk of the chairs! Whee!!

Commentary from the concert:
Leslie Fish in concert! Hooray! She was my actual introduction to filk in Carmen Miranda's Ghost.
Naomi likes Leslie Fish. (Oh dear.)
Leslie Fish has cats to give away. Maybe Heather and I can use a cat? Um, not in the studio dear.
Note to self: invite a friendly spirit inside computers.
Always inward-turning
Homeward star is brightly burning
The slightly telepathic backup guitarist. Perfect adaptation for the position!

Google is my songbook!
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Does a filk circle count as a grown-up game of musical chairs?

Sang "Goodnight, Demon Slayer." Could use lots of rehearsal on the verses, notably, the tune. Hooray

OMG. Steve Irwin is dead. Yes, I made sure that the address was good by going to the parent site.

It seems that Naomi has inherited most of Dagger and Marah both. Dear me. This could become scary!

It is good that crying children can be rushed out to avoid disruption of the festivities.
"And if you try shoving a kazoo up one of my dinosaurs, we're going to have a little talk!" -- cadhla to Leslie Fish, apropos of the "That's Just Wrong" type award Leslie got once, featuring a kazoo shoved into the groin of a stuffed Barney, and cadhla's cuddly stuffed velociraptor that the guy with the guitar got to hug.
"It's probably easier to pretend to be her if you're wearing her underwear." -- cadhla to the guy with the kids, the beard, and the hat.
"Nothing says love like a go-go girl in a cage." "Will there be spiders?" "..."
"Please state the nature of the musical emergency." (emergency holographic Nancy Freeman)
"Cesium's unstable, Amanda!" "That's why I thought you took it!"
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