September 6th, 2006

running, bomb tech

The sorts of things that make men and beasts go mad!

mainstream usa -> Obi, G.Y.N. This is a wrong filk that should not be done. That is why it occurred to me while driving down the 51 en route to home from con.

Notes from today at work:
[Snarky Lady] v. disappointed with work ethic [of my co-workers] in general. L Must see what little things I can do to improve morale.
[othercat] v. pleased with Pretty Little Dead Girl. General glee!
See if can send stuff as attachments to t3h 0ld eljay and have post happily/nicely. Good luck? Attempt not Y! rich text.
I believe in the separation of fact and fiction for kids. Things that are on the borderline in between can be flagged as such.
… I seem now to be the sort of quasi-IT who’s approached like [The Guru] to get things done. Oh, dear. (Picture equal parts dismay and flattery.)
I never seem to believe that someone won’t hate me forever until they demonstrate that actually they don’t for a length of time that my undermind doesn’t construe as “just being polite”. So now I’m doing the dance of “yay I’m not hated”, which does a lot to convince me that yes, it is possible for me to screw up and be redeemed. You see, it’s very easy for me to go into being exceptionally wary and defensive around someone who’s convinced me that I need to do that around them, to the point where I expect others to be as defensive as I am. Expect to receive what you give out, eh?
Grackles are cute, really.
running, bomb tech


New lady tonight! She's not a writer yet, but she wants to be. Excellent.

I had a verse, a song in progress, and a snippet of "Hell's Angel" to read. Must e-mail to samurai_ko, or post all in beta filter.

I need dusting scissors.