September 7th, 2006

Order and Chaos, Escher

Moments from Real Life

It's been the sort of day that it's been. It's been a busy week, actually. Came home from the con, caught up on stuff. Collapse )

Collapse )

Today I had to pry myself out of bed in something approaching a timely fashion. There was an IKEA raid planned to get a new bed frame for hcolleen! This was not just any bed frame: this was a bed loft! How do you save space? Install shelves. And what better thing to shelve is there than the bed? Collapse )

IKEA was fun. I displayed a certain amount of restraint (and not much more than that). Unfortunately, I do not know if the solution I thought would be perfect for all my shoes will actually work as planned. Ah well, something will. The bed frame was acquired, and we hightailed it back home.

Unfortunate construction led to a little detour. Such fun! Then kilarneyblarney zipped off again, and hcolleen began with the bed stuff. I assisted when she needed another couple pairs of hands. There was one really bad moment with the bed frame -- a little piece of metal stuck out too far, and wouldn't let the nifty screw-thing in. This was completely unintentional. The hole was supposed to be like ( ). Instead it was like (| ), which just sucked. Fortunately, there was a spare thingy, and the spare thingy and the hammer proved to be tools that could be used to bludgeon the overhanging bit of metal into getting the hell out of the way. Not having safety goggles, I left my glasses on, squinched my eyes shut, and pounded away blind, reasoning that a banged thumb or finger would be far easier to recover from than something bouncing or shattering and hitting my eye. Eventually the bed was assembled. I took photos of the re-arrangement carnage, complete with the random stuff piled up in the kitchen on the floor, especially the mattress. If we still have downstairs neighbors, they got to hear all many movements of the Bed Assembly Symphony, which is scored for hammers on metal, metal on rug, metal on metal, a moving crew, several screwdrivers, and a pair of vocalists (soprano and alto or tenor, and the alto/tenor part climbing well into the soprano range). I'm not sure if we still will have downstairs neighbors after this performance.

There is really not much clearance up in the bed. There is a very nice and cozy little room down below. Assembly of the shelves that were purchased to go in there is going to have to wait for tomorrow (or some other day) because we are both exhausted and she is asleep like totally. I did laundry and assembled some RÖNNSKÄR (of the series, the version with three wide shelves, two being metal and the third being glass, then three narrow shelves all of glass, topped off with curls & swirls in fae-unfriendly metal). I took out a lot of trash, given that there were boxes and plastic bags all over from the whole bed thing.

I can get to my shelves with my books now! I'm also spending some educational moments in the pantry/coat closet. That teal windbreaker that fit me when I was at CTY is NOT a keeper, unless hcolleen is really in need of a rain jacket. I have a perfectly good scary!pink one in Vash's trunk.

Friday will be all kinds of fun at work. I may even attempt some time spent with Darkside!
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