September 9th, 2006

teddyborg, geeky

I had better post this before it goes another day collecting links. is fun with conditional formatting.

Dear woman I used to be close to in a former lifetime, having the media shy away from overt demonstrations of your religion is not "having your freedoms trampled on". You know what? The media shys away from overt demonstrations of my religion too, unless it's doing the "Hi, sociology/poke fun at the weirdoes!" thing. Try "being in danger of your life if you indicate your religion in some areas" for size, eh? -- too awesome. Via deeahblita. -- a collector joke.

Tinkerbell panties make the day better.

My friends Smith & Wesson! (No match for his other friends.)

Fashion designer has class project, and has poll to ask what area to focus on. Project will be clothing for plus-size women, and commentary will be shared with the class. I vented about bras at some length.
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