September 11th, 2006

Young Wizards, RTFM, oath

Back to reality

I'd change the subtitle of the journal to "fluent in Javascript as well as Klingon" ... except that I'm fluent in neither.
I fail the Weird Al Geek Test.

I am, however, playing "White and Nerdy" over and over and over and over. It's another "Lose Yourself", I think. (Anyone who was around for that incident with Sis, feel free to like hit me or something.)

I already had this conversation two weeks ago:
them: hey who is this
me: Um, you're the one IMing me. Shouldn't you know that?
them: umm no
me: All right then. I can safely assume that since you don't know, you don't need to know. Have a nice life! *waves*

Just a bit ago:
them: hey who is this
me: We already had that conversation. You added me, I don't know you, so why the hell did you add me?

Um. Oi.

Surreal errors:
"Sorry! an inexplicable error has occurred.
This error has been forwarded to MySpace's technical group."

The Shakespeare Programming Language -- poetic expression, translated to C!

Balloon molecules! Via, um, I think it was xinef.

I went to the workplace and did things. I worked on graphs, then I got ganked to monitor $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, then after that was done I got ganked to dial on $OTHER_SIDE_MINI_JOB. Then I had more graphs, and some in between. I left a machine attempting to run some. I need a beefier machine if I am going to do graphs, dammit. I left a note on the monitor.

I remain dreadfully amused by Darkside's mom's easy assumption that I have some form of secret power over the Darkside. The "You! Maybe you can teach him how to clean house!" speaks of boundless optimism, that Darkside can be taught to clean house. The easy assumption is that if anyone can teach him to do so, it would be me, where his mother has failed. That's the kicker. Why me? hcolleen would be willing to bet that he talks about me when I'm not around. ...Do boys do that?
running, bomb tech

Links, and what friendship is good for.

The shrimp did what to the cabbage? Only this time the phrasebook isn't Hungarian, and there's only one dodgy word. Warning for dodgy language. Via pauamma.

Mad restaurant science. Via wyldemusick.

The Hobbit!

I remain thankful that in times of crisis, Darkside has never pushed me away when I've reached out to him. Once upon a time, I was madly in love with That Idiot Shawn. And I pulled a stupid stunt and ran outside in the winter with bare feet and ran down the frozen iced-over road after D.C. with her pager that had fallen off, and I came back with frostbitten feet. It was fine until my feet started to thaw and all the ruptured and damaged nerves started crying. I reached for his hand and he pulled away from me and said that he would not allow me to hold his hand because that would be too much like we were a couple. (We were involved in bed at the time.) The layer of dead skin on the bottoms of my feet eventually fell off after blistering all over (the bottom of my feet was one huge thick blister), and the doctor said I was lucky to have not lost toes. And Shawn did not let me hold his hand while my feet thawed.

Darkside may not reach out to me if he's in pain, but he does not push me away when I really bloody well need comforting. Could this be yet another reason why he's my best friend? Hmm.

Make Life Awesome!

Long hair vs. Bone marrow, FIGHT! Context: People with long hair often have people come up to them and ask if or when they plan to donate their long hair to $CHARITY. It's similar to the annoyance factor of people coming up and touching pregnant bellies without invitation, though less invasive of personal space and more self-righteous and sneakily mean-spirited. Why "mean-spirited"? Because in many of the exchanges, there's an undercurrent of "if you are enjoying your long hair for yourself while there are LITTLE KIDS with CANCER who have NO HAIR, you are a SELFISH AND MEAN PERSON!!1!111"

Today, I plan to enjoy a trip to the plasma place.

I am intimidated by the job application process but will persevere!