September 12th, 2006

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Talkin' 'bout my generation

ESN note: adding to filters may set off the befriending event! 'cause $NAME already had me added, and I asked to be added to a filter, and now I evidently am and I got a befriended-notification.

I'm having entirely too much fun over at efw. All the fun of a flamewar, and no hurt feelings!

Plasma was rather typical. I walked in right in the middle of X-Men 3, right as Phoenix is foreshadowing what's going to happen to poor Magneto, and stayed for most of the football game. As it's after midnight now, I can happily say that I managed to avoid overt displays of histrionic pseudo-patriotism, though there were a few references in the football game broadcast, and I got linked to a truly lovely and heart-wrenching Dr. Who fic. "Of More Value than Many Sparrows" 'Cause yeah, the Doctor would. I don't even know from Doctor Who, hardly, and I still know this.

Things not to do when the roommate is asleep: move the plastic bucket with all the long assorted pole-things (mop handle, broom, besom, wooden sword, staff, umbrella) and have it keep tipping and bang into that loud metal folding chair as it rocks 'cause you set it down on one of the cluebats.

Other things to avoid: lifting and carrying anything over 10 pounds on those two days out of the week that you've given plasma. (Takes more out of me than I thought it did.) (Well, I know it only takes .904 liters out of me, but meh.)

I have recovered the hissstorical fic out of e-mail logs (yay e-mail logs!) and have it in an open text file. Which is a start. A distinct start. I also printed it out (note to self: start collecting one-sided recycle-paper for printing things I don't care about having messy) and shoved it in my bag.

Sis IMed. I relayed hugs for the LF (OMG, I started writing my journal at ten!) and collected greetings. They have a gander named Daffy! Well, perhaps "have" is kind of a strong word for it, as he showed up and decided to stay. The LF has gotten so tall. She sent pictures. Dawn called. I relayed greetings and went squeeful about Darkside's mom attempting to draft me for the Great Teaching Darkside to Clean Project.

Maybe if I get very ambitious and put down a tarp or something, I'll finally spray-paint the Green Monstrosity into midnight-blue submission.

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