September 13th, 2006

frickin' clue bat

In which links are linked, work is mentioned, and metaphors are extended

Dear people who love Steve Irwin while totally and completely not getting his #1 driving principle, please not to be stupid. Steve would kick your ass.

Sometimes medicine is wonderful.


Yet one more reason that this administration leaves me nauseated.

Seriously, what part of "if you have no eyes, please not to be driving" does this guy not get? Extra points for the t-shirt.

Hooray for the reconstructed Turing Bombe! (This, like spaceflight, makes my eyes prickle a bit.) Via lightningwatch.

Dear Survey People of the world,
WebIQ does not play well with FireFox. Also, using checkboxes where you should be using radio buttons? Generally frowned on.
No love,
Rev. Miss Lunatic

No power in verse will stop me. Power in prose, however, has a fighting chance.

A heartwarming spider story.

Origami! Computers! DNA!

uovo di colombo
Yes, it has gotten to the point of hakanuka-nuka as far as I'm concerned with Leftover Leftovers Guy. (hcolleen owns They Have a Word For It, and I'm having too much fun.)
Confianza. That's how much I trust Darkside. And there's a lot of haragei in the conversations -- a lot of what I transcribe of the assorted conversations is indirect and completely clear of meaning if you're us. A lot of the moments are yoin, resonating through time to touch again and again.

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After that all went well. I got the query run, and pulled my data and shoved it in Excel, and did the PivotCharts. Dawn called, and I finished up that with my hands and aesthetics (very important in things that will be used in a meeting on Friday) while using my brain and my gossip to catch up with her. She is a reality check for me on all matters Darkside.

Darkside is about as social as Snape, except with geekboy/fanboy enthusiasm in certain areas. A chronically sleep-deprived Snape. Without children to teach, but with end-users. Without Voldemort, but with his dad. "Children, when they're in school, they know they're supposed to be learning," adds hcolleen. Darkside is a grouch.

If you Floo-call Snape, and he says that he will be cleaning his lab on Saturday, and otherwise engaged on Sunday, and to not show up, you don't show up. In the event you disobey his directive, and show up as the chronic-insomniac Potions Master is preparing for what little sleep he'll get, you will expect to be carved a new one of whatever you evidently don't have enough of. You do not expect said grouch to halfheartedly snarl a bit, then apologize and tell you details about the distasteful business he has to endure on the morrow.

That's about the scale of Darkside's actions on this front. *smirk* Um, go, me?
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running, bomb tech

My mornings are full of random!

hcolleen: "There's room on my bookshelves! I won't have to purge for a while!"
me: "It sounds like you have a reading disorder."
...yes, my roommate and I are total geeks.

A comedy of errors, starring the door-to-door religious, several dogs, and runaway milk production!

The final (I hope) installment in this particular IM-random problem:
[12:42] hey who is this
[12:43] Azure Lunatic: We already had that conversation. You added me, I don't know you, so why the hell did you add me?
[12:44] i dn who u r lol
[12:44] asl
[12:45] Azure Lunatic: Not very much.
[12:45] not very much/
[12:45] Azure Lunatic: I don't know very much ASL, just parts of the Manual Alphabet.
[12:46] wow ur cool
[12:48] how old r u
[12:49] Azure Lunatic: Old enough to know how to spell and know how to push the ignore button now. Bye-bye, little troll!
running, bomb tech

Bytes & bits

Didn't go give plasma today. Instead, I stayed and started tidying some more at home. The result involved a lot of shredded paper, and my Alaska Driver's License (expired and punched) being unearthed. Hilarity. Books, videos -- I need to ship the Dirty Pair to Sis!! I just found it.

Narbonic bookmark.

Memories -- really of use to tamtrible 'cause they're her memories, and me, because I may find something useful in there for project-thing(s).