September 15th, 2006

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Another day.

hcolleen says she will not be bothered by my cleaning unless I go up into her bed and start stripping it to wash the sheets. No fear on that front! ...Though I might occasionally barge in and vacuum the rug. But that hopefully would be at times when the computer chair is unoccupied.

Dear Max Q the Astronaut Band,
Google says you don't have an album. Google also says that you play NASA gigs. Ever thought of releasing a live album, like the best numbers that someone managed to record? I know someone's got to have recordings. And trust us, there are utter geeks out there who will happily try giving you a listen just because you're astronauts.

"Bad Boys, JEDI Style" -- via biichan. Wawoot paints a strangely compelling crackfic picture of what's going on behind the scenes of Star Wars (from start to finish, it looks like!) if it were really a holodrama filmed COPS-style. (It makes a lot more sense that way. If it didn't mess up the Sith Academy something fearful, I'd adopt it as Personal Canon.)

This evening has been Laundry. The afternoon was Shopping. We have discovered that one of the staples of the household's grocery list is tortillas. I have discovered the spiffy convenience of wrapping sandwich stuff in a tortilla. Much better than crumby bread. hcolleen, the utter heathen, likes plain buttered rolled tortillas. (Hey, gotta tease the redhead about something!)

Now, I write. The theme of next week is Smut Week, or Porn Week, or something along those lines. Since I am weird and I do weird things with the language, in my head when I say either smut or porn, I mean "whatever gets me going the very most." And since I am very much a romantic, I can get all worked up over some hand-holding if it's done the right way. The poor OC Sue is having all her buttons pushed, and they haven't gotten much past snuggling and holding hands. I may have to write this in several sittings.
bleeding, Ryoko

Links from the general madness

The Hedgehog Can Never be Bothered At All. I find the Related Stories error hilarious.

Things that can be made more interesting with bacon: also cat. A StuffOnMyCat classic. Also a writer-procrastination-technique classic. Scalzi strikes again!

Ahh, geekboys. (This strip always makes me howl with laughter all out of proportion to the actual joke in the strip. Hooray for the inexplicably well-groomed beard! The collar on that shirt is wrong, though. Why dig this up now? Because I was cleaning up and found a printout and just about died laughing, which disturbed the roommate some.)
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Things love is good for

Darkside brings sanity. A few minutes talking to him, and I'm armed with his faith in me, which restores mine.