September 16th, 2006

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Quit it!

Dear Assumptive Strong Gender Roles People,
You know, even though it's gender-typical, it's still ANNOYING to see my profession-of-choice lumped under "guy stuff". I know that in your head you know that This Applies to Most of $GENDER, Not All of $GENDER, but that's not how it's coming out. And even if you did disclaim it every time, I think gender roles may have reached the point of any strict definition of same being an overwhelming exception.
Quit it.
(Ooo, shiny:

Dear Flylady,
You may be the sweetest person in the world, but that statement to Strong Gender Roles People above? Applies to you too.
Quit it.

Dear Fallacy Files,
Your layout is unusually unusable. Did you design it for something other than FireFox, or is it like this in all browsers? Normally when I say frames are an abomination, I'm exaggerating and grumbling. In your case, the scroll bar on the right side controls the whole page, including the control frame on the left side, but the control frame on the left side has its own scroll bar. And guess what! The doohicky-what-you-grab-on-to-to-move-it for that scroll bar (as well as the arrows!) is often entirely out of the picture depending on where you have the right side of the page scrolled to! That, my friends, makes your completely delightful informational site nigh unto unusable. (Seriously -- the scroll bar on the left is the length of the content frame on the right. This led to some fun browser gymnastics until I said "fuckit" and used the arrow keys, even though I prefer the scroll bar.)
Quit it.

Dear Brain,
I don't need you screwing up my life.
Quit it.

Dear Body,
I don't need you taking sides with the brain.
Quit it.
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Another day.

figment0 came over and there was random gossip for a while. Feeling rather saner. Sort of.
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Darkside Blues

You Get the Tickets -- the perfect song lyrics to think of just after declaring to Darkside that I would be a willing partner for all watching-of-movie events, so long as there was not too much in the way of gross blood and guts. Only, um... right. Perhaps the only persuasion that would get me watching that kind of movie, so long as I had warning when I needed to close my eyes.

I had impeccable timing for once. The old man was hanging out watching an old Hong Kong action flick with Darkside, so when the phone rang: "This might be your cue to leave." He picked up; it was me; "Yes, this is your cue." And Oldus Geezius departed. Darkside congratulated me on the timing.

Next weekend is probably out.

We did have a nice half-hour of just random babbling and him watching the movie and me being entertained and us being happy. Yay for happiness. Yay for the phone.
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