September 20th, 2006

running, bomb tech

Busy again!

Things that don't go particularly well together when mixed: lemon-lime soda and applesauce. I will learn my lesson tonight and tomorrow, because that is at least part of breakfast tomorrow.

Being called "me beauty" makes me feel all happy and stuff, even if it's not the bondmate calling me that, and even if it's just in the spirit of the holiday.

Today was an all-around excellent day at work. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when the Guru's e-mail came in.

I taught Homie G how to read his own error messages and follow their instructions to reset the macro security on Excel. (How hard is it to read the instructions on the error message, people?) This was in interruption to the pizza. Yay, pizza.

Snarky Lady says that under no circumstances is Leftover Leftovers Guy getting anywhere near our DB. Good. She mentioned that if it came down to it, there was such a thing as a delete button. (And then there's Captain Clueless of the U.S.S. Delete Button standing at the ready!)

My schedule for tomorrow, as I have it planned:
8am, rouse self out of bed. Pack up self/books/computer with breakfast; head off for plasma.
Finish plasma, get lunch, go to work.
Have a few words with Turbo on the topic of my backup. (He said bring in the box, and this is my best opportunity to!)
Work like a minor madwoman under the instruction of Snarky Lady.
Come back home.
Gather self together for writers group.
Pick up carpool.
Writers group!

Work. Snarky Lady and I want to get this as finished as possible as fast as possible now, and she's got the time this week.

This week, they've authorized overtime. Yay overtime! I might actually see if I can do geek stuff like a good girl and then spend a shift on the phones. (Well, actually, I have documentation in addition to the hardcore geeking, sooo... probably couldn't justify sitting my arse on the phones when I could be making with the documentation.)
phone, cordless phone

Boingy boingy boingy

Gave plasma. Showed up at work. Turbo not there.
Documentation. Tired of documentation. Going home
soon. Yay.
phone, cordless phone

More work!

Oh gods we have another set of three stooges.

Seeing if I can hammer out a logtime suite of queries
before I go. ...It looks like no, I can't do that all
right now.

Az -- if you look very closely at the document, you'll
note the embedded snark. It was just snarked in
another forum, rather than in the document.