September 21st, 2006

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Love & Chocolate

Group was hot tonight. Even the non-smut was excellent demonstrations of love in action, which was the general idea. It ranged from sweet to torrid to quite explicit indeed! The brownies were a huge hit. samurai_ko keeps the secret recipe to herself; if I want to duplicate them, I'm going to have to experiment. I discussed the properties of the fudge that resulted in The Late (tardy, not dead) Mr. Potter having a close encounter with the hospital. (He thought he could have a whole piece. He thought wrong.)

I am never ever ever ever going to read that piece around Darkside. OMG no.

One of the things I sometimes have to do is act out the blocking to see if it makes sense. If I'm stuck for "what happens next", I get in character and act out the blocking. This can result in me playing more than one character at the same time. In situations like this, though, it results in me leaning back in my chair, tilting my head to one side, and gasping sort of like the fish out of water, because Mike is nibbling on the protagonist's neck, and I doubt that they are actually going to make it out of their clothing, like, at all.

I plan to outline Circle of Fire before November. This also means actually getting motion, rather than just bright ideas, on the hissstorical fic. Which means a half-hour in the morning on it, or something.

Brownies were totally the win. I brought soy milk, it being better-travelable than regular, and better for the tender digestion of lactards than regular. Mmmm, brownies.

After hours brought out the tarot cards and assorted shiny rocks. I realized that I'd missed a call from Dawn, and left a message back. I called V, and shared hugs & love all 'round. I told her the crazy saga of our new lady and her vile ex-roommate. It's the sort of stuff they make movies out of, yo.

There was happy intensive magicgeeking. Yay for magicgeeking!
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Link and day.

Stealing computers! Twice!

Farewell, Steve.

OMFG cool: USB rechargeable batteries! Like, AAs.

cadhla loses her crickets. The inevitable Craigslist link has already been made, and the combination drove me to tears of laughter. (Because I am tipsy.)

The Register's Data Recovery Disasters, various modes of bad hardware failure, most amusing.

Sweet. (I want a U3 one, though.)

Exploding toad fertilizer!

I plan to take Thalia with me to work again Thursday, to see if Turbo's in and can get me back my backup. (Much ♥ for Turbo.) All this working during the actual week may leave me with some real free time on the weekend!

The keyboard is now in the living room. Floorspace is good for something!

It is almost the season of perpetually open doors and/or windows. We have no windows, except for the balcony door. However, the section of vent that chills the redhead's bed unnecessarily has been shut off and furthermore spiritually diffused with the stained-glass iris. (Closest thing to a dreamcatcher that was readily available.)

I have told the redhead to hit me if my shields fail drastically to the point where she cannot get me out.
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Friends and friending policies

From the excellent burr86 in lj_feedback here:

Is your Friends list more "the journals you read" or "the people who can see your Friends-only entries"? How do you use your Friends list?
It's mostly the journals I read, though I do use it for both. I have relatively few locked entries, though I do lock down stuff with sensitive content, things I don't necessarily want my employer or potential employer to read, and things that J. Random Troll does not need to see or comment on.

I do use custom friends groups somewhat regularly Collapse )

How do you find the people you add to your Friends list -- interest searches, recommendation, community memberships, something else? How do you decide who to add to your Friends list?
Since the list is at, near, or over my current daily reading capacity, I do not go out of my way to find new people to add to the list. That would just not be fair to anyone. Granted, I could take some communities or something off, but I don't want to do that. So I don't seek people out. I meet most of my new LJ friends these days face-to-face, and add in LJ after the initial meeting. People I meet online are usually via communities or friends, either LJ or otherwise. (Some of my latest LJ-based friendships have been after IRC interaction.)

I will gleefully add the RSS feeds of new comics that I've found to my reading list, on the argument that keeping up with them that way is easy, and going back and reading the whole archive is a timesink.

Collapse )

What sort of "friending policies" do you have in place (even if you don't specifically call them that)? What factors do you take into account before friending or defriending someone?
Before adding someone (or adding them back), I have to believe that there is going to be a trend of general positive interaction, or they have to be really nifty to read. If I meet someone random and we really hit it off as face-to-face friends, they're so very added. It's rare that I can have a face-to-face friendship (active friendship, not just acquaintanceship) with someone, but not be willing to read their LJ and/or let them have access to the plain locked stuff in mine. LJ is an extension of that friendship, not a separate matter.

If I'm reading someone famous or quasi-famous, someone who I'm reading for their content rather than mutual friendship (or at least mutual goodwill/harmony) I have to believe that they are someone who would be OK to read my locked entries if they should surf back through my journal and poke around. Collapse )