September 23rd, 2006

phone, cordless phone

Wearing *what*??

Picking up the redhead from work tomorrow, 9:30 pm. Which gives me an excuse to be on that end of town. ;)

Bank trip of some sort needed todayish. Why have I got a penny roll in my car? This cannot be!

"Don't look at me; I'm wearing tea." -- me, to Sweetheart Supervisor, on her dismay at the lack of coffee.

Still half-asleep, but doing the little things that require that kind of state of mind to be done. Documentation and things that need petty little details.

Pandora is much of the win. I have to be careful to not contaminate it, though. Too much "yay Dropkick Murphys" results in more punk than I want.
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phone, cordless phone

no coffee yet.

I had something I needed to do, but I forgot.

Alabama 3.

My Pandora station "Lunatic Dances" is supposed to also include music that would have been on my late iTunes playlist "Wake the Fuck Up, Lunatic".

Oh, right. Essays. I need to write myself random essays about those moments where I'm not sure exactly where the fuck my brain is, but it's somewhere strange.

When my hair is half-damp, it brushes out so nice and straight. When it is dryer than that, it curls and tangles. Gee.

I'm not at the top of my game in the first few hours after I wake up. I'm best for learning things and getting random input and random uncensored things right now, not putting out keen and honed stuff.
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phone, cordless phone

Mid-Morning leads to angst

Dear Self,
Please run the short query first, then the long query. This way you can gloat over the load time of the short query, if applicable. Then you can go on your tea run while the long query loads. You know the load time of the long query already. It is about a cup of tea.
Love, geekgirl

In other news, my faith in certain things has been restored by a good sleep. Dare I hope this is PMS? But a nightmare of that type is a nightmare of that type, and I must address it.

There are a lot of calculations in this query, so it does take a while, but it won't be half so long as the other damn query. That means that I'll be able to load it up with other stuff! ...Or maybe not; maybe I'll just shove it all into ... hey done! ... Excel. And crunch in there.

Reminder: if I am going to have a toothbrush and stuff like that in my purse, I need to put one of the random bags in there.

I have no idea what is going on with this interviewer, except that he needs to stay on task.
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phone, cordless phone

long day.

On the decline of the day. If I stay for the full twelve hours, I'll be out of here at 7:30.

The reports are not becoming sanity. I should probably finish drafting this e-mail and then ditch, as I am about brainfried.