September 24th, 2006

running, bomb tech

Hi, Sunday morning!

Friends-Only banner that would totally make my day: an animated picture of the door-lock-slap from "White and Nerdy". (No, I'm not going friends-only; it's just an amusing thought. If I were, though, I might totally use that.)

This weekend is not good for the visiting of the Darkside, as he is doing tech support (new ISP, glee, requiring re-working of the LAN) and still is infested with relatives. Tomorrow evening should be better for the calling.

I'm attempting to match schedules with Snarky Lady as much as possible while we are working on these things.

I found Dad on the web. There was a panel presentation at his former workplace. They spelled his name wrong. I can identify his laugh in the background noise in the tales of insanity and pranking. (The cackling is due to the audio recordings of same, hcolleen. Am not entirely mad.)

I got a high compliment tonight. Evidently when I rant, I rant well.

My journal has crazy comments!

I stopped using this a while ago when earlier versions broke, as I had too many comments for it. But I see that problem has been fixed.

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