September 26th, 2006

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I've been leaking at the eyes off and on all day. This is hitting me harder than one might have thought, quite a bit because while I may have never met him, I have read him. I grew up reading him. His friends are all around me in blogspace, grieving.

We shall shout your words to Heaven in song, that we might reach you, for you have ascended already.
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frickin' clue bat

Beaters and Bats

The poor redhead is not fond of puns, and tends to hit me when I commit one at her. So, like a moth to a flame, like Mulder to venomous swamp-beasts, I feel compelled to share the worst of my puns with her. (Though I'm still resisting sharing the milk snake one from the SoaP thread.) To make everything better, I tend to hand her one of the foam bats that are around the apartment before sharing.

...Yes. Our apartment has a number of sawed-off pool noodles, because they make life more interesting. Technically, one is the other half from my work cluebat, and the other three are foam Beater's bats for American Indoor Quidditch. (To be distinguished from Australian, where they use baseball bats.)

She has recently decreed that if I need to hand her the bat, I do not need to tell her the pun. This makes me pout.

I'm glad at least Darkside appreciates these things.
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The redhead's .mp3 player is on the fritz, and the computer is not recognizing it. Given that she hates the thing and it hates her right back, this is an excuse to upgrade. Therefore, she is off to one of the local electronics shops. She was all for hitting the Best Buy near the mall, but then realized that it had closed.

I told her about the two computer-stuff shops on either side of the mall: one near Trader Joe's, and the other on the other side of the circle. I couldn't remember what it was called, of course. After explaining to her exactly where they were, using my hands in the air to represent a crude map, she said she'd find them or wander around, and set off.

I hit Google before she was out the door, looking for metrocenter computers and the city, state, and zipcode. I opened the door and called: "Heather?"

"Yeah?" she responded from somewhere out of sight.

"Circuit City."


Such is the life with geeks.
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Since I live in a different part of the apartment complex, I get a different bunch of neighbors! These are some of the notable ones. I'll add to this periodically.

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