September 27th, 2006

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Yay, pizza.

So when I shuffled into work, there was chaos/panic/disorder. Things have been bizarre this month, and as a result a whole gang of people got shanghaied onto $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB. After poking at my e-mail briefly, I, or, er, "Michelle Zorro" (the random tester-account is "Mike Zorro", and since my own login got deleted when I got promoted, I'm Mike when I'm on the phones) went forth and called people.

The survey involves talking to teens. One elderly lady thought we were selling something. (Selling teens?) One troll wanted to know if I wore leather and carried a whip. I was very boggled until I realized that he was making reference to my damn name. He played with me for a few minutes, interrupting me, and then hung up on me after saying he wasn't going to. I laughed extensively after the line disconnected.

Then there was the guy who sounded 30 or 40, who claimed he was twelve, and when I asked to speak to a parent, he said that the parents were "partying their asses off." I made judicious use of the mute button, he burst out laughing, and I unmuted and blew a raspberry.

hcolleen, upon hearing this, wanted to know (between giggles) what kind of role model I was, anyway.

"A poor one!" I chirped.

Some guy went on and on and on for a good minute on how it was stupid to call and ask for people's opinions, because they were only opinions, and it's useless because opinions are opinions.

My major creative work of the day was a depiction of "the Wave" -- a seven-stage graduated process of attempting to get a supervisor's attention.

We were supposed to get 110 interviews on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB before 8:30 pm. We got 114. Management was impressed, and sprang for pizza for the supervisors. So instead of bugging out early, I stayed, cussed at the database, helped run end of shifts and edit, and had pizza. Yay, pizza.
running, bomb tech

Emotional immunosupression

Mmm, pie.

I have a Plan of Approach for discussing the Nightmare with Darkside. Said Plan depends on actually having time to speak with him, preferably in person, though this is one thing that the curious detached intimacy of the telephone is perfect for. (That's why in-person is better.)

Love/affection is an emotional immunosupressant. I was thinking about this while I was doing laundry.

It baffles reason that I should fall for so many people who proceed to irritate the living snot out of me after the breakup, to the point where I wonder what I ever did see in them. The problem is that despite being a textual exhibitionist, I am an introvert. I suffer much companionship through convincing my undermind that the people around me and close to me are not alien beings, but detached parts of selfness.

Affection allows me to deal with the fact that this or that habit may be immensely grating. I can handle it; I can work around it; I can ignore it to some degree, because they are not just some random stranger: they are One of Mine. Sometimes this leads to me being able to tolerate the offending behavior. Sometimes it leads to me accepting it in them, because they're them, and being doubly wary of it, almost allergic to it, in a stranger.

Of course, if the affection fades and the immunosupression disappears, things can get bad. It's not just like having an allergy to it -- it's like having an allergic reaction after having become enormously sensitive to it, just with the reaction suppressed due to the immunosuppressant action of the affection.

I was thinking about the Figment, how the little things he did never used to irk me so badly. He got too close and activated my immune system. When things happened as they did, the affection chilled, and the immunosuppressive effect faded. Little dumb things bother me now, when they started out as human and moved into cute. It's not even like he's a person who's left me walking wounded. It's not like he supplanted me as co-parent. It's not like he betrayed my trust. No. He's just human and obnoxious. If I hadn't let him get so close, I never would have noticed it. But he was a bondmate. He also could have been an alternate universe version of me, except me, male. We bonded hard and fast, and I saw that he was too much like me. So now my internal critic chimes up for him as loudly as it does me...

As Darkside values our friendship, he had better hope that I maintain warm and immediate affection for him. As I value our friendship, I'm maintaining affection day by day, with a conscious effort. He is too close to me to remain without regular immunosupression.

I think this one is mostly an introvert problem.
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What is it good for? LJ vs. MySpace, a rambling on the differences between them.

lj_feedback had a "questions" session the other day, and is now making with the "answers" part. Rah answers a question about LJ vs. MySpace, and then there is commentary.

You see, at work the other night, I walked into a monitor room and found that whoever had been in there had not only left their Windows logged in (naughty naughty!) but had left a browser up and MySpace logged in.

This just could not be let go without comment of some form, so I clicked the comment place of the homepage it was on and left a friendly "Remember to log out when you leave work!" message. ...Except of course it wasn't the homepage of the careless login user, it was one of the buddies. Who could have done with the reminder anyway, so no harm done. (And, I checked up on the profile of the person I was commenting as, and there's a ">_< thought I did log out woops my bad!" comment from the person I commented at. So, two MySpace users admonished with one comment, hee hee.

That being said, here's the question and answer that Rah was dealing with:

somefan asked, "Has the rise of MySpace hurt LiveJournal at all?"

Only in that every time we announce a change, people in News comments invariably complain that we're turning into MySpace ;)

Seriously, though -- we're not MySpace. They're very good at what they do, but what they do and what we do aren't the same thing at all. MySpace is a social networking site, and LJ is a journaling site with some social networking features. Social networking isn't our primary goal, just like journaling isn't theirs. So really, it's like comparing apples and oranges -- people want to compare LJ and MySpace because people want to compare everything that looks even vaguely online-communityish with MySpace these days. The sites are totally different, with different goals and different ideals, and there's absolutely room for both approaches on these crazy internets of ours.

The subsequent commentary got me thinking: What does MySpace do? How is it different from what LJ does?

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