September 29th, 2006

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Bits of random.

Futura Condensed Medium Bold is the font I want if I want to PiRATE the LJ logo accurately.

hcolleen: by the way, the pocky and other random things that were still in that bag are now in the cupboard over the dishwasher, not out on the porch in the rain. It made sense in the random putting-away-of-things.

Melted white chocolate in hot chocolate is made out of win.

The conversation Wednesday night that included the idea of me wearing white being absolutely wrong was expanded to include colors like this. That pair of underwear is going to provide so very much wrong amusement to everyone who doesn't want to think about me wearing it.

Ahh, lizard vs. cat.

pauamma has inadvertently set me on a Buster Keaton spree.

Have discovered that the key to safely eating popcorn near the computer is to treat it like cereal, and use a spoon. This prevents fingers from contamination. I seem to remember that the last time I mentioned this gleeful discovery, someone linked me to some popcorn utensil or other, which was pretty spiffy, but the sort of thing that would languish unused in a drawer in my household.

I have a presentation to give on Saturday.
running, bomb tech

IM-based assassination dream

Dreamed I was involved in an IM-based assassination, as one of the assassins. It wasn't that the assassination was coordinated via IM, it was that the assassin found the victim via IM, and went past and assassinated him. I was playing the assassin, and then I realized that I should move on from the scene of the crime because I was visible, and so I did; it was laid out like the road maps of home, with the site of the assassination being just after that tricky slope of uphill on Yankovich Road, and the assassin escaping down Miller Hill, except belatedly, belatedly, and so very visible. And then the place the assassination crew met up in was like the parking lot of the old Woodriver school, the one that got turned into school district offices because there was a new school and the screen name got changed to something that was almost admitting guilt and cruising around, except no one believed you could assassinate over the computer...

And then there was vacation in Alaska and driving around, except we got there after noon and there wasn't time to go on all the rides (one of the random lakes wound up with some sort of tourist trap) and then the next day was Sunday and everything was closed after noon. And the driving part was just looking at moving dots on a map.
grammar bitch

Fairbanks random-trivia spelling rant:

The road is Yankovich.
Weird Al is Yankovic.

Weird Al is very funny.
Icy hills are far less funny.

Pray remember this while spelling that.

Apropos of dreaming of the road, then running into countless "White and Nerdy" references, and recalling previous annoyance.
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Mozilla: The Kitchen Sink. OMG so cute.

Bad mad-kitchen-scientist idea: grind coffee with garbage disposal. (Did I mention the BAD part? And the MAD part?)

I made myself coffee with the new kitchen appliance. I had a bag o' beans up on the tea-shelf.

I could get myself to be a morning people if I had my clock reset. Unfortunately, my clock defaults to Late Night. This has been since I was a baby, so very much nothing new.