September 30th, 2006

LJHS computer

"I heard you sir now would you stop swearing / my fragile ego's been stomped."

Woke the Darkside from a nap when I called. Amazingly, this led to other than what I expected. I had expected him to get off the phone and resume his nap, but instead there was sleepy conversation. (Oh. If this is how he is on lazy weekend mornings, sign me up.)

I told him about the nightmare. It's one of those things that you just have to warn someone about, and not that they'd ever get themselves into a situation like that, but -- you still have to give the warning, as it was given to you. I mentioned my bad engagement. The nightmare was of him in a similar situation.

Then I told him about the latest Leftover Leftovers Guy situation. Which was a doozy. (Public-safe version coming soon.) He was confident that I had it all under control. His workplace is having the fun, including power outage!

Despite the new ISP, he has not got new e-mail address yet. This degenerated into debate over how best to recover data from "the big machine" -- that being the st00pid hy00ge box that has been doing the chronic overheating thing. (Parenthetical discussions: how Dawn has invited "us" for Thanksgiving either this year or next; GenCon in November in CA, and how he's going and hoping to see Dawn while he's there.) And he was eventually off to find Lord Mark to see if he could rustle up a solution, possibly involving Frankenboxen. (Definitely involving frankenboxen.)

Now, I've got a presentation at work to prepare for. I'm wearing my hair partially up.

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Presentation went off with one minor little problem. The laptop on which I was doing it had the mouse flake out. So I navigated with keyboard to make the thing work properly, and I didn't have to be the one to reboot the laptop.

People noticed that I was all spiffed up, including earrings and my hair half-up with spikes around it.

I called Darkside after I was done and we got dismissed on a break, to let him know I survived. Happiness. I'll have to check back about Lord Mark later, and how that all went.