October 6th, 2006

exhausted, tired, Azzsleep

That was unexpected.

(Thursday in brief: lots of fun, beads, chopsticks.) Friday morning not so good. First, a hazardous waste disposal plant caught fire within range of one of my note_to_catters, and gods know who else. Raleigh-area peoples, if I have any: y'all OK there?

I got myself horizontal, only to be awakened by the phone. My roommate's ride couldn't find her. (I must have been very tired -- it was less than ten minutes after my head hit the pillow, and I was asleep already.) When I am asleep, I am not coherent. That does not mix well with ESL/heavy accent. Upshot of this involved me driving the redhead to work.

Loonie had to check news to make sure that people were OK, because hearing a snippet of it tuning in late and fuzzy on NPR = very worried Lunatic.

Tomorrow work = going to be v. tired.

I resent the fact that I have to sleep. I like sleep; I like being asleep; I like waking up refreshed. I do not like having to sleep. I do not like going to bed when I don't wanna. I do not like having to get up when I am asleep. (These are generalized resentments about the whole sleep-state, rather than specific commentary. Specific commentary would involve the thing where 19th ave and 15th ave sound about the same when the would-be ride was saying them, and a lack of common ground on landmarks, and "and then there are apartments" interpreted to be "at MY [the ride's] apartments?!?!" No, there was not communication, and it was a sufficiently lousy first impression that I don't wanna have a second one. )
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Sleep was interesting.

Dream involving dduane and petermorwood passing through and roosting briefly in that construct of dreamspace known as "my place", which melds all the places I've called home into one fantastic conglomeration. dduane struggled with a recalcitrant toaster vs. the last bagel, and petermorwood was urgently called into help because a certain metal cabinet (from Mama's place) was shorting out somewhere and starting to catch on fire (it does not actually have an electric hookup IRL) and he attacked it with a knife. Well, he did the dream-logic "smart thing", and cut the cord with a knife to keep the unit from catching on fire. There was an oven mitt involved.
phone, cordless phone

Tales from the call center

The geeks are going to be doing something with the
system involving a global IP addressing scheme change.
It's planned to start Saturday afternoon. It is
planned to be over Sunday morning. There is not enough
time for a cushion in case of disaster. Therefore, I
plot pastries.

The phrasing "I'll deal with you tomorrow" is not the
most reassuring, especially as my attendance has been
shaky. At least I am, you know, here. Hi,
Obso1337 Super, nice to see you too.

Saturday afternoon out early, due to aforementioned IT
construction work.

No meeting with Pink Shirt Guy today, because my
schedule was so jacked up. Monday, then, I think.

The air out there says something very vital to me. The
air and the humidity and the temperature and the moon.
Oh gods but do I need to see the bondmate, and soon.
Saturday, I hope. I hope. I'll take a few moments and
call a little later.
phone, cordless phone


Leonard Cohen rocks my musical world.

I am getting very close to getting the silly thing

Today my hair is half up. It looks gorgeous.

OK, not with the coherent much, but the first table is
nicely populated. Two to go.