October 7th, 2006

caffeine, beautiful addiction

Work was productive, in many ways.

The quarter's ranking is out to Management; the ranking report design for the phone goons is in progress. I'm working out a few more random bugs. I'm fiddling around with report design. The thing looks like it could be made of awesome, or perhaps that's just the Mountain Dew talking.

We went home early 'cause Turbo and company are doing an overnighter to re-do the IP addressing scheme of the whole building, and some other random things. Tomorrow morning, I plot doughnuts, mini-bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice. When giving the workplace breakfast, mini-bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice are totally the win. Collapse )

Biker Chick Supervisor (she's been promoted to train and walk areas and monitor!) is back from the birth of her grandson. She asked me if I was staying to help with the IT guys' fun. The answer is no. I am not an official IT guy, and therefore while I am the abject minion of the actual IT guys, this does not make me subject to staying there all night for maintenance events. I gave her tips on the proper treatment of the IT department so that when you do have a problem, they will be disposed to fixing it quickly.

I totally had a paragraph about the totally awesome stuff that could be done with sponsored communities instead of astroturfing them, but I left it at work.

I also had a paragraph about the 23 minutes of my break that I spent on the phone with Darkside, but ditto.

No, in my 8.25 hours at work, I did not really have anything that could be called "lunch". It could, however, be called a "a bag of chips, and a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew repeatedly poured over a cupful of frozen mixed berries," but that is not exactly "lunch".
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