October 9th, 2006

running, bomb tech

Saturday at work...

I made tables and queries. One for the phone goons, one for Management. Yay, Management. I had trouble with joins and rather a lot of Mountain Dew. Two liters is a lot. I troubleshot. Tea was the antidote. I sort of had lunch, but I had more happy conversation. Happy conversation leaves Lunatic happy with Darkside, herself, and the whole world. Work can see the difference on my face.

I still need to make the thing y2k compliant. Comply, curse you! I wrote random stuff in between things, and I enclose it now:

What LJ would probably rather see in sponsored communities, something that would generate genuine interest rather than astroturfing: blogging from developers of movies about creative decisions involved in the movie. Outtakes. Symbolism of elements of the movie. Animators’ notes. Tips from the cast and crew on how to get into the industry if you want to. Direct the staff to make LJs, and post notes to the community, spend fifteen minutes a day answering random comments. Have the people paid to Astroturf go between the people working on the project and the people curious about it. Like I do, unpaid, between LJ support behind the scenes and random LJ peoples.

Would it be OK to do an Insiders Report on LJ support doings? Like, Tales from the Break Room? Emphasis on common things that break and how to fix them, common misconceptions and how to clear them up, rather than things that would get me in trouble, such as the routine publishing of QDB type material. (JD: LJ-dude head toys as a concept still cracks me up, ditto with RSS feed.)

Lunch break: called the Darkside. Not many people, especially not many men, to whom I can say “If I do anything that hurts you, hit me over the head and let me know, and I’ll stop.” Most people – almost all people – would get a “let me know and we’ll work something out.” For him, unless it’s something like breathing, I will *stop*. I made an apology for a thing. It was … painlessly wrenching, like a chiropractic adjustment of some sort that leaves one gasping and exhausted but feeling so much better.