October 17th, 2006

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Not entirely awake as of when I came in at 8. (Had
been aiming for 7:30; totally overslept that. hcolleen rather urgently called my attention
to that after I'd been smacking the alarm clock around
some.) Ran out door in hurry.

Still managed to find the error in a spreadsheet that
I saw for the first time today. Pink Shirt Guy is not
a spreadsheet kind of guy, not really.

addressing the issue...

It is so nice having a private e-mail address for Darkside. At least, I'm pretty sure it's private. It wouldn't have his unique first name on it if he were sharing it with the parents so much, especially as I see that the family still has the generic $LASTNAME@DOMAIN.TOP address for the new ISP.

I thought of something way late last night, related to his computer woes, so I poked him about it. It's nice to be able to do so without having to worry about censoring myself for his parents as well as finding the right words to not scream my utter adoration for him in his ear.

It was about his hard drive, and the current woes attendant upon that curséd piece of machinery. Somehow I feel like the alpha geek in the bonding again. It's a warm fuzzy feeling, because when I'm alpha geek, I tend to bring those around me up to my level of geekdom. When one comes up, we all come up.

I don't especially like the feeling of being naked in public that I get when I'm ever-so-carefully baring my heart to him in front of his parents. I can do it -- there's an art to revealing just enough of how I'm feeling to him without saying anything that's unsafe to say in front of them -- but it's not something I like doing if I'm in a delicate mental place of any kind.

I'm still not saying those three scary words at him, though. That's just not on.
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Catching convicted predators stupid enough to play with too-young children on MySpace while using their real names!

HP Widdershins, Part 6 is up! Woohoo! (Not suitable for extreme canon purists: this is AU crackfic at its finest. Harry starts being sensible, see.)

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