October 19th, 2006

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Dayshift Rumors

I learn from Snarky Lady that there's nothing like a Dayshift rumor for speed and complete and utter random. Snarky Lady was on vacation for three days and she quit. Snarky Lady is getting someone (one of her trainees) to run Training because she melted down and can't take it any more. I was pregnant, engaged, and moving out of state.

The pie was in honor of a dayshift rumor. I guess time will tell if they got it right that time or not. Now the rumor is that yes it's his fault but they're denying it so she can stay under his supervision...
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Had a scratch file in a shared folder. Closed it for 10 minutes to attempt to consult with Pink Shirt Guy on an issue with it. Came back to find it deleted.

Obso1337 Manager's position was that I should not have personal stuff in a production folder with things that people use. My position was that it would have been really nice if he'd *moved* it, not deleted it.

I restrained my commentary to "Unfortunately, that represented about an hour and a half of work." I left the rest of my commentary for when I was by myself locked in the bathroom.
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Lightningwar tries to break my browser even if I close almost everything else!

The US Government might not like blogging so much as all that.

"Turns out a Fish Does Need a Bicycle, After all..." -- some very gender-insensitive sissygirls discussing COMPUT3R 1S T3H H4RD

Why LJ and similar places do not do things about Copyright Issues without an Official Lawyer Thing Going On


Yay Sharing Knife!
(Also, I got quizzed by Obso1337 Manager on the exact nature of "Valdemar". He heard the "sugar-coated" bits, and thought it was candy.)

How not to appeal a parking ticket.