October 29th, 2006

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Bread lubricant.

I can rarely remember how to spell "margarine" without a reference or a spell-checker, so I've started to avoid the word. Avoiding the word in writing means also avoiding it in speech and thought. Therefore, when thinking about the contents of the refrigerator, I told hcolleen: "Oh, and you're almost out of bread lubricant."

I use it too, but she is the one who mostly uses it. She laughed at me. When she extracted her bread from the machine this morning, she asked me if I'd like a slice of it with lubricant. I, of course, said yes.
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queer as a three dollar bill

From Italy: "Transgender MP in toilet fracas."

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6094782.stm -- It does encourage me and make me happy that the journalist is consistently referring to the TG woman in question by her correct (preferred) gender.

http://aynathie.livejournal.com/268567.html -- A translation of an interview with the fracas-ing MP; I like the interviewer better than I do the MP, who is either rather anti-TG, or using it as a personal point to get political leverage.

http://dduane.livejournal.com/82771.html -- commentary and discussion. Cookies for the reporter!