October 30th, 2006

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NaNo Party, plus shopping.

Went to Pat's parents' place for the party. (Pleasing!) Darkside sort of poked at me to go, as he was sooo zonked from his party last night. (One of these days I'm going to let him know that if he ever desires a companion to said parties, or is told off to bring a companion, that I would totally be up for that, should he be willing to drag me along.) It was amusing to hear him go from exhausted and grouchy at the beginning of the conversation to still tired but not half so grouchy by the end. He does that a lot. I don't think he realizes it.

The party involved a lot of geeking. I wound up in the corner with the geekboys who were geeking. I was listening and taking mental notes on a lot of it.

There was a very cute moment where the tiny little boy was standing having his bellybutton poked at by the even tinier little girl. Mothers got pictures. It was awesome.

Then I called Darkside again and confirmed that we were NOT up for Death Note. (Alas.) That led to me thinking I was going to Target, mis-reading the hours sign, going to the neighboring Fry's Grocery instead, then going up the street instead of directly home.

... it is NOT fun to see one of your least-favorite co-workers in your friendly neighborhood pr0n shop. NOT. NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT.

There was a text message exchange between amberfox and me:
Me: OMFG I just saw one of my least favorite phone goons at the porn shop.
Her: Ewww.
Me: No kidding.
Her: LOL
Me: Not sure whether to be embarrassed or amused. || Could be worse. Could have been [Darkside].
(The message I got after that, I got twice, and I think it was blank.)

Fortunately, the guy and I pretended not to see each other.

I love finding really cool things on sale. I hate it when the really cool things on sale don't ring up on sale. I hate it more when I don't discover this until home. I wound up going back, armed with the items and the receipt, to find that they'd noticed it about the same time I did. We all had a good laugh over that, complete with a bonus giggling session over my encountering a co-worker; one of the girls mentioned an encounter with a former high school teacher of hers.

In related news, I unexpectedly have some of my Christmas shopping done.
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Rev. Not-So-Nice Super and his desire to have magic "proved" to him by making squirrel heads come out his butt cameos, except demanding a re-enactment from a Jim Carrey movie involving monkeys. In the semi-expected fashion of saying the line, then looking expectant, then demanding the re-enactment.