October 31st, 2006

Fear death by fanfic


Came to work only a few minutes late. Pink Shirt Guy hoped that I had not totally busted ass to get there, as a worn-out Lunatic is not a happy fun Lunatic. I hadn't, really -- just walked at a nice decent clip. I took my papers and disappeared into my little dungeon.

Today was my first day working with my new cheatsheet. I came out of the back in record time -- an hour and a half, when Pink Shirt Guy's record time is two hours -- and the Pink Shirt Guy only found one error, a 404 error. Literally. There was a number missing, of hours on a specific breakdown point for a specific job, and that number was 404.00!

I got the paper in question distributed by 11, which was right on time for a quick run through it. I was further held up by a debate between the one office and the other involving voting forms for the supervisor Halloween party, where I was the go-between, and one of the participants was on a conference call.

I got done with another spreadsheet right quick, and was then drafted to help out in setting up for the party. There was setting up. There was partying.

I was planning on going and getting some of the TPS reports entered into the spreadsheets they need to go into, but Obso1337 Manager has not yet instructed me in the ways of setting up said spreadsheets, and I don't want to screw something up. I decided it was time to go home and deal with Vash. I gave the customary call: "Unless anyone needs help, I'm out!"

Grandma Cinderella snagged me to create a thing for her team. There's plotting to go and do something interesting with the dialing on the one job, so I needed to make a thing to track things. So I did. And it should work perfectly.

And then I went home. We watched Death Note. It's still excellent, and follows the manga closely.
Then I went out and attended to Vash. He had a nice large bolt right up ins the tire, so no secret about how it went flat. I jacked him up, got the tire off, and got the weensy spare on. I'm plotting that sometime between Thursday and the weekend, there will be actual repair or replacement of said tire. Meanwhile, I drive slowly, carefully, and relatively sparingly. No freeway for us.

Throughout the day, there was commentary on my costume. I wore a blue wig (pinned up in a bun), blue shiny eyeshadow-dust on my face and blue lipstick, a blue shirt with clouds and a sun painted on it, a blue silk skirt, blue knee-high stockings, and pretty blue shoes. I was "skyclad". I had to explain "skyclad" to all but a very small handful of people. I was a close runner-up for "most creative" and "funniest", but the "black-eyed P" (eyeliner black eye, a white shirt with "P" on it) and the "deviled egg" (horns, tail, and white circle with yellow circle within) won.