November 1st, 2006

running, bomb tech


Weasels or spaghetti.
"I'm a bitch", by Michael Jackson.
English is wearing a red fedora.
"You're more than halfway to a senior discount."
"I missed the pickle. How can I miss the pickle?"
"What is this, the cackling witches?"
"Would you like to wake up with a permanent marker mustache?"
"Pornberries. It sounds like a cereal. ...Full of yummy marshmallow [bleep]! That's not actually milk in your cereal! Pornberries! The cereal that's salty, not sweet."
"Akai. My name's Akai." "A guy. We have a guy!"
"I just know while I was out someone would be smashing my head into my laptop." -- English
Nanowrimo immortal ninja of DOOM!!
Nano-ninja! A very very small ninja...

The guy asks someone to watch his bag. "Quick, swap it with a purse!" says English. The guy skids back and gives this *look*. Mass hysteria. ...then the cup incident, where English skidded over there with it and put it in, and then what's her name dug it back out. We evidently have not known him long enough to prank him.