November 5th, 2006

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power_loss is my friend.

I went, checked prices on tire repair, decided against doing the tire repair right then on the grounds that they were open until 4 and the plasma place was closing at 2, then went and gave plasma. That was fun.

I got back, and realized that I should have just left the tire with them while I did plasma. Now I get to pick it up on Monday. I went to Sprouts. I got some fruits. I got another artichoke. I am becoming good at hunting things like sale fruits.

I did laundry and glued the coat tree peg back in place, too. Now I think I sleep.
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Sunday morning.

Hee, hee. The banter between Connie and Mike is really easy to write. I have to hold off, though, and not take it into the glories it can become, because they're not officially courting yet.

You know how JKR insists on giving symbolic names to her characters? And people who consider themselves "in the know" are chuckling merrily over his name: "Fawkes, that's a good one, 'coz he goes up in flames on a regular basis," when they're ignoring the fact that there's a traitor right in Dumbledore's office! Yes, Snape is small potatoes if he does turn out to be bad after all. Fawkes is planning to blow the Wizarding government sky-high! (!!!!11!one!eleventy!!!1!)


Very Barrayaran suggestion for severely disabled babies. I'd like a good long hard look at *that* ethics board. Always in motion, the future is, and -- yeah, it's a screaming debate, especially when Earth's medicine is not Galactic-standard.
Gosh, the US military isn't very fond of Rumsfeld. Or Bush, I think, but they can't say that quite so loud without risking problems for not supporting the Emperor properly when they're in green.
He did deserve a fair trial. But could that have happened?
And parts of the US thinks so too.
Too bad he had to be such a dick about it.

I'm all wound up. It's Sunday, I'm in a reasonable range on my novel (even though it doesn't seem like it), I had a very nice sandwich for brunch, I just spent twenty minutes on the phone with Darkside (alas, my flat!) and the mattress that was rolled up against the scary-book shelf is now half-on my bed, mostly in its nice dark blue protective shell. The proper couch-bed from IKEA shall be forthcoming some other financial period, one after the car is back into full operational status.

There's a bit of a write-in coming up right now, and I'm always up for some socialization and a change of pace. I'm caught up for 50k from yesterday with a total of 6700-odd; now all I have to do is hit 10k and I'm back in business.
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"You are the only one who has not experienced the explosion of flavor."
"Experience the explosion!"
"Explode, explode, explode!"

"Why are you singing the badger song?"

Sniiiiiifffff the stinky markers!

"My name is not Duo, and this is not a yaoi fanfic."

"I don't think that it's actually going to fall apart unless it's actually necessary."
"A troll smoothie!"
"Sell it to the neighbor kids for a dollar!"
"It depends on how you prepare the frog before you put it into the blender in the first place..."
"Deep fried Coca-Cola!"
Cucumber lumber. "I don't want to think about troll porn."

B&N now locks the bathroom. There's tape on the lock on the inside, but that did not prevent me from *pushing* it to leave it open. Subversive, who me?
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Customer service to Art!!!

"That seems like ... a remarkably sane idea!"
"... Mojo Jojo?"
"Mojo Jojo is never a sane idea."
(on using beading wire to reinforce a scary wire-bound notebook.)

"Customer service to art, please; customer service to art." (Code for "unlock the damn bathroom.")


Also, "research", aided by the Google. Google for the win.