November 6th, 2006

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O Happy Day!

The rather impromptu write-in was loads upon loads of fun! I had coffee and was very hyper by the end. There was lots of giggling, and inside-joking. There were constant calls for Customer Service to come to Art, which we learned was in fact code for "Somebody with a key, unlock the damn bathroom!" the art section being right by the bathrooms.

I went and got some more random groceries from TJ's, since I was in the neighborhood.

I'm thinking if we play sardines in Vash, I could actually get the one chick (whose name I'm still having trouble remembering (ah, myrrhianna)) home, carpool-wise. hcolleen would have to take the back seat in the middle, though.

I got home and started in on the random weekly cleanup time. It just started out as getting the IKEA mattress on the bed. It evolved into doing things like hanging up the blue canopy to partition off the bed, and then since that got stars and fairy lights all over the kitchen floor, I had to string the fairy lights in and around the folding screen that I've been trying to use to sort of partition off my bed from the sliding doors a little bit. That worked out so brilliantly that I had to get the bungee cords and secure the folding screen so that it worked as it was supposed to and not be in danger of falling over if randomly kicked or smacked or whacked a pillow into (all hazards of things in and near any place I'm sleeping). I'm particularly proud of the job I did on that, because I have it secured at two points, and then the shape of the screen and gravity makes it secured in all three dimensions. Not only that, but it can either be in zigzag configuration (for maximum privacy for my bed) or it can be in horseshoe configuration (for maximum hiding-of-the-stuff-that-I-stowed-back-behind). The stars went where they always belong: in the canopy to shine down happily at night.

I have whole lots of random journals from my last stint in the call center. I should really get them typed up in LJ for posterity's sake (lots of stuff from then that didn't make it in my other paper journals or in LJ, when I had gotten it after May '01) and then get them filed somewhere safe and out of the way, since it's not something I need for daily use. I really have no idea why anyone would need the paper copy after it's transcribed, unless there are nifty drawings or something on it. There are two magical almanacs from assorted years; those probably have things that could very well go in my Google calendar for posterity. I like having what-I-was-doing-when written down places, yes I do.

I'm behind on my word count, but not terribly, and I do need to LJ and get all the random out of my head more than I do to make up 800-odd words. (Er. Though when I wrote that, I wound up getting very inspired, and now I'm nearly on track for Sunday, though it's Monday now, and I still have about two thousand words to get in there for Monday.)

But today was a very good day.

The thing with the LJ-assisted research and the being rather cryptic about the topic was excellent fun. Hooray research! Hooray being ... mmm .... hehehehe. Very much of the insane; very much of the fun.
Fear death by fanfic


... My roommate and I are talking about the upcoming meeting I have with a Big Boss tomorrow. We're talking about preparation for the meeting. "And I'm not even prepared one finger yet!" I said somewhat angstfully.

Meetings in general, the analogy is two fingers.

This is a meeting where I have to present my database to the Big Boss, who is far enough above me in the organizational structure that he is at least my great-grandboss, if not more. Technically, Grandma Cinderella is my boss, Pink Shirt Guy is a level above her but not directly related to me, his officemate is probably technically my grandboss, Management is probably my great-grandboss, the lady who got downsized is my great-great grandboss, and then the Big Cheese is my great-great-great grandboss. At least. If there aren't more layers in between.

This is at least a four-finger meeting.

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*sigh* Thank you, my friends, for caring about me in my hour of freak-out. My elder clone saw me looking glum in the break room and inquired. I broke out leaking and sniffling. My teeth are doing bad things, and have been in dire need of repair for some months. I've been holding off and holding off, because I have no dental insurance (as I understand things at my workplace, I am a part-time employee and am therefore not eligible for insurance of any sort, except fucking PET INSURANCE, which ... is rather of secondary concern when I have a DISINTEGRATING WISDOM TOOTH -- hmm, maybe I could see a veterinary dentist??) and then I thought I was going to get the other job and it had insurance, but this one was still a better-for-sanity choice... and it comes down to, in order to see a decent dentist and get done the kind of work I know I'm going to need done, I need help from my parents.

Excellently, cawingcrow pointed me at the dental college in the area, and that may be workable. But I'm probably going to still need help from the parents. That is a situation that is rather fraught with angst, and was the thing that finally saw me melting down in the break room. I e-mailed Mama and let her know what the situation was just before I went on lunch break (I've been nerving myself up to do that for about a month; it was finally spurred today by an un-ignorable bit of dental un-fun, and it had been working up to this after a few days last week waking up in the middle of the night to pain caused by accidentally holding my teeth clenched while sleeping) and promptly dissolved into a sick, shaking, stuttering, gibbering mess.

I explained some of it to one of the Snarky Lady's protégés, in non-revelatory detail. Social badness, of the sort that would leave Jane Austen feeling sorry for me. Miss Manners would probably pat me on the head and tell me to suck it up.

My cousin prescribed Everclear. Everclear is unwise, because a) I have not got any, b) I am a cheap date, c) I have a meeting with that one boss tomorrow and hangovers are contraindicated, and d) everclear and st. John's Wort probably don't mix too well -- but a glass of wine makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and very glad that I'm sensitive enough to alcohol that it would be noted right away if I should start abusing. (Last night, my phone drunk-dialed amberfox, though I only thought "Hey, I shall have a glass of wine!" after I was on the phone with her. Seriously, I was leaning on a counter and I heard the phone beep, and I wanted to know WTF, so I got it out of its little pouch and there was amberfox! It would have had to have hit the unlocking code and then some shortcut key or other, but weirder stuff has happened. And then I wandered around and then decided that the random bottle of $2 wine in the refrigerator would look better with a serving on the other side of my skin, and then declared that $2 wine when consumed from a $0.99 martini glass has to be the very definition of "trashy"... )
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