November 11th, 2006

Jolly Burner


Oxygenated emergency "blood replacement" medicine trial! Wow, that sounds all kinds of medical awesome. Risky, duh, but medical awesome!
"What do you mean, 'revenue loss', you BS-artists?"
The Register on Rumsfeld

Once upon a time, boojum and I were having a random e-mail conversation involving fertility. She mentioned that the consistency of one's vaginal fluids are a good indication of fertility -- when the fluids are clear and stretchy like that clear and stretchy snot, then one is most fertile. "Does that mean one's mind is most fertile when one's snot is clear and stretchy like vaginal fluid?" I quipped. I was, of course, subject to the usual penalties for such a comment...

Work was nice. I worked on the usual spreadsheets in the morning, fixed some stuff that I'd screwed up a little later on, and was out of there by 2 because there was not enough for me to do and it was Friday and Friday is one of those days where you can bugger off early as long as stuff is done and you've a decent amount of hours in, which I had.
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ingenuity, Bujold

M.I.X. the crack into the bowl

When jai_dit mentioned popcorn, this sparked in me the desire to have some of that for a post-midnight snack. So I started with popping some. And since popcorn is far less good without butter, or reasonable equivalent thereof, I dug around in the refrigerator and came up with the latest in the succession of tubs of random reasonable equivalent. I decided I would use less than I usually do, given that I am attempting to eat somewhat healthier. A little glass bowl later, the microwave came into play. I decided a minute would be good.

The serious banging emitted from the microwave came just before the thing stopped. I opened the door to behold that the bowl was not in fact half-full or half-empty, but almost entirely empty. It seemed that a minute had been more than sufficient to liquify the substance, with results that I should have been able to have predicted beforehand. "Oh, dear," I said in that tone of voice.

Now, my roommate knows that tone of voice. "What did you break?" she wanted to know.

I briefly described the situation that ensues when you microwave this substance for long enough to liquefy it, and then long enough for it to develop vapor bubbles that will send it flying hither and yon.


"That's why I'm in here with a paper towel."

At this point, it's about 3:30 in the morning, I'm standing in the kitchen with a greasy paper towel and laughing helplessly. hcolleen tells me that she has decided that no further sense can be salvaged from this conversation, and she's putting the headphones back on.

...yeah, this is the life. I've been doing a lot of laughing lately. It's good for me.
Jolly Burner

Pandora's Pleasures

Mama might be relieved to know this.

The song "Professor Pott's Pornographic Projector" gets stuck in my head. It's by a relatively obscure band called Troll, or The Troll, from the 1960s. I am absolutely unable to find the lyrics online, and this is by Googling the chorus, which involves "a little black machine, showing life upon a silver screen". I can find multiple reviews of the album mentioning this song, but even Wikipedia is missing it. (I did, however, find the above information on SAAB cars, and who makes them and where they are made.)

Also stuck in my head: "Dreaming of Me".