November 16th, 2006

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I double-checked with HR on the benefits thing. No. I do not get health type benefits. I am "part-time".

I need to write back to Mama.

Writing was fun tonight. I, rather scarily, managed to write about a thousand words in a half hour. That just sort of scares me, actually. Group was not so good for actual productivity, but it was fun.
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Ha, I guess too late for me to worry about not
reacting. I needed to respond to that e-mail, so I
did. The emotional results were predictable. I'm going
to be staying in my little corner here until I can
look like I have some form of composure. The phrase
"That is what I had expected to hear, but it is very
upsetting," is true, and also an understatement. I'd
hate to see what I'd be looking like right now if I
didn't have my reactions under a lot of control.

"Is there anything set up where 'part-time' people
could sign up for health benefits at a higher rate or

The response gives me hope, but I can't really afford
to hope, because it's probably going to be a false
hope: "Not at this time, however I can tell you that
it is something that is being looked at."

I can't really sit down in the supervisor break room
looking like this. At least I don't have mascara or
eyeliner to contend with.

Something will work itself it out. It always does,
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An emergency dose of "cope", on the house

When I went on break, I remembered that Dawn called yesterday and left a message that she'd be hanging out with Darkside this morning. So I called and said hi, and Dawn did hand the phone over to him for a bit.

That makes things a whole lot better, even if it is a very silly reason. I'm still a lot fragile, but it's ... I don't think I'll start crying on my elder clone again or anything.

I didn't disturb his vacation with telling him how I was doing. That can wait until he gets back, if it comes up in conversation. For now, just knowing that he's there and listening and glad to hear from me is enough.
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running, bomb tech

Things one finds in the stack of papers that's by the computer!

Back at the end of October, on that random 14-hour Friday, I was walking around wearing two paper signs. Clipped to my badge lanyard was a sign that read, in vivid purple marker:

Need water?
Let me know!

Darkside wanted to know if they got me for false advertising, for, he said, I could not give sanity to anyone, not having any myself. :-P

Clipped to my spare badge lanyard, which was dangling down my back, I had a sign counting down the number of more interviews we needed that night on that job. The countdown was in turquoise blue sticky notes. It was an evening of so much crack.

One of the Problem Children of days past is coming back in this class of new hires. He left gods know when; we looked him up in the log. He only had one thing in there, but I distinctly remember that he had more. I hope he manages to do better this time. I'm surprised that he was allowed to be re-hired.

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As you can see, I'm cleaning out my files. It's a set of plastic inbox-things, and periodically they get a little fraught.

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