November 21st, 2006


Terminology: "unformatted text": text stripped of encoding, or source code?

This suggestion's discussion reveals that some people out there consider "unformatted text" to mean the plainest of plain text, stripped of all encoding/markup, versus source code.

It gives me the screaming twitches to think that there might be enough demand for fully rendered HTML and text stripped of all markup to hand those out, but not enough demand for regular old "what they typed is what you get" text in one's comment notifications.

I'm an anomaly, and I like the junky free web-based e-mail (because I can get to it anywhere, and my friends know it; I switched over from hotmail when boojum alerted me to a security hole that hadn't at that time been patched yet) and raw e-mail without too many bells and whistles.
phone, cordless phone

Too bad dark languages rarely survive.

Today is a far better day in the workplace, with a whole lot more sanity. I'm behind on the paperwork, but getting through it in a brutally streamlined fashion, with brief detours for coffee, biological necessity, and mental necessity of those little moments where you just have to stop thinking actively about these things so that the back of the brain can process and some of what the back of the brain was on about can come out the fingers.

I have developed a serious taste for a certain flavor of metal, and have a delightful list of bands to recommend to people who are abusing Evanescence badly. Nightwish is far less whiny, Leaves' Eyes are beautiful, I like Plumb a lot, Elis has a lot of the same sound, Lacuna Coil is good but well-known and perhaps somewhat overused too, Inkubus Sukkubus is excellent, Sis loves Tristania and so do I. Sirenia is good. ... and probably onyxrising has more random recommendations.

Things caught fire at work last night. Insanity. Scary stuff. It smelled like burned wiring, Homie G Supervisor said. I totally do not blame him for forgetting one of his pieces of paperwork, especially because he came this morning and gave me the data. Poor guy. (He was, IIRC, #1 in charge last night.)
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