November 22nd, 2006

grammar bitch

The Vigilante Copy-Editor Strikes Out Again!

I went to fill the car with the fuel! And to obtain foodstuffs! In doing so, I encountered a sign to the effect of:

More Turkey's at Other End of Department!

Now. The stray apostrophe thing is one thing that really irks me. I failed my saving roll on socially-questionable impulse control, and dug around in the external side pocket of my purse. I produced a white-out pen and leaned over the freezer-bin partially full of packaged dead birds and applied the pen to where it would do the most good.

More Turkey s at Other End of Department!

I repeated this procedure on the other two such signs I found. This made it necessary to call amberfox and giggle at what I had just been up to. That's the sort of activity that would be best done by a tiny little person in ninja gear with a sidekick operating a video camera. Vigilante copy editing might go over very well on YouTube.

I do now have staples such as bread, large tortillas, small tortillas, glue-laced shelters for any random instances of la cucharacha that might chance to wander into our kitchen, random meatstuffs, butter and not-quite-butter for the instance of ZOMG SCARY FUDGE that I am planning to implement for Thursday, and green olives suitable for attempting to insert_into the nose of certain bondmates. But the main excellent part of going to the store was the white-out. Things like that just don't happen at random. (Of course, when I was telling this tale on IRC, I spoiled most of it by being rather tipsy and spelling like it. One tiny sake cup of random-what-was-in-the-refrigerator is evidently sufficient to make me all loopy...)
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The other day at work, I told Trader Joe's Queen Monitor about my cunning conversational tool for avoiding political differences and patching up any disgruntlement over same: offer up Kermit the Frog as a better candidate for the position. Almost any political position could be done, and done better, by Kermit. This is because he's more competent, honest, and likable than 99.9% of the political candidates out there. People may disagree on the actual candidates and issues, but they can usually agree on Kermit. And nothing says "efw" more than people arguing loudly about who would be better as President, Kermit or Big Bird...