November 24th, 2006

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Thanksgiving. Lots of thanks.

So where do I begin?

Morning got off to a bit of a rocky start, as I had to leave to get hcolleen to work on time and didn't know where I was going. Fortunately I did get the address in time, and showed up quite perky-cheerful with self, LJ-fudge, sparkling cider, laptop, and camera.

The LJ-fudge was a huge, HUUUUUGE hit.

Spink is the cutest cat. Her name amuses me incredibly, because of the CTY-thing that was the Spammish Inquisition, or Spink for short. It was excellent then, and Spink is an excellent cat. She tried to get into the fish tank. There were like three bloggers with assorted types of recording devices waiting for her to like fall in. She tried jumping for it, later, and totally failed to make the top and crashed into the window and was all "I totally meant to do that" and slunk out onto the balcony.

I was not much with the helpful in the kitchen, but I was taking the photos like crazy, and that was fun. O-Zone is so very not heterosexual, not at all. And there is this video of a guy attempting to rid himself of unwanted hair by the fire. And OMG OW OW OW -- I like died laughing at that; I hurt. A lot. Then hcolleen called for me to retrieve her from the airport. So I did. She knew the way to the ASU dorm. I was glad. I found it. squidheadjax did the thing with the thing and got us in where we were going to do the thing, and there was a lot of insanity, plus turkey, had by all. It was excellent and fun and there was innuendo and shop talk and OMG SHOP TALK and at first hcolleen looked out of her depth but then she got into things more. And jai_dit totally looks like one of her characters, especially as his eyes are greenish after all. And gossip and happiness and the woes of poly vs. vanilla, and all that happy stuff! Surprise! Buttsecks! Passing the sparkling cider bottle around in the dry campus...

And then hcolleen was going zombified so I sort of grabbed her and absconded with her, and got her in bed, got me my socks on, got some actual lipstick, and then I came back to help everyone decamp. There was this dorm cat who is not a dorm cat and definitely not allowed inside who was lovin' up on us all.

When we got back to ailetoile's place, there was dishes, cleaning up, random leftovers, and debauchery. I'll leave the identity of any other participants out for the purposes of this, but there was a can of whipped cream that was almost dead, and the suggestion was made that it should go in someone's mouth. So, me being the obliging Lunatic I am, I made just this happen. Innuendo was made, to the tune of "Azz just creamed in my mouth!" The next squirt of the whipped cream was mostly air, and that had comments made about it too. It got worse when I completely ignored the whole mouth-as-target standard, and splattered the rest of the air and cream (you know, that frothy mix) all over the face of the one. ...And I missed, to the point where I wound up licking whipped cream off an arm, in an amusing re-creation of something that actually didn't happen on one of the previous days. (Context will probably not be forthcoming. Deal.) It adds to the whole humor of the situation when you realize that yes, the rather-taken Lunatic was creaming allll over the gayboy...

We're about all zombified. Pumpkin time. But. OMG. This could only have been improved with Darkside.
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