November 26th, 2006

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So much moving!

First I got up late because, surprise, I was up late. Then I showed up for the helping of the moving. There was Stuff and there were boxes and there was disassembly of stuff and putting it in the Truck, but first there were bagels, because bagels make the whole world better.

There was general hilarity, rather too much so to accurately take notes on. One of the things was when a great huge construction machine drove past, and there was some question as to whether it could actually pass the great huge truck parked all up ins the way. And then there were the cats who were thinking that the truck was really cool to play on. And ... and ... and...

I cannot carry the things that I used to think that I was able to carry. This caused me personal angst. I can, however, pack things, tape things, and carry far smaller things.

I never did get the opportunity to put the gate code in the new place, so I may well forget it. I'll have to practice. There are eeeevil speed bumps. Vash no likey.

It's just across the street from the apartments of RC and D; they'll be moving across the street themselves in a couple months. Brace for impact.

There were others in the moving party, and it was fun. Lots of party as well as moving.
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How writing takes over my life!

This morning, I set to with the goal that once I had gotten a half-decent word count for the day, I would call Darkside and attempt to get together for some Death Note.

I have yet to connect with him. I also have laundry done, some dishes done, and have written 6,757 words today, and I'm still in there writing. This is what I imagined writing as a day job would feel like. I'm wrung-out and yet still energized. hcollen said that if I get 10,000 words today, she is so taking me out for sushi.

It's only 7pm. I'm fairly sure I can hit that in reasonably short order.