November 30th, 2006

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OMG, I made it.

The beginning is hacked together. The ending is rushed. The sex may not be as hot as I was hoping it was. But. It is a novel, and all that good stuff. I am satisfied, I am tired, I am going to BED.

OMG. Novel. WHEEE!!!
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No two mornings are not on fire.

On Monday morning, I got to work perkybouncy after the coffee kicked in. I started making a list. I finished it this morning.

Tips for a Traditional LJ Thanksgiving

  • There must be at least one LJ-themed item of food or decoration. This year it was my LJ fudge.

  • It is entirely appropriate to run up to someone you've never before met in person and hug them like an old friend, because they probably are.

  • Off-color comments about the process of food preparation are vital.
  • The turkey is "fisted", not "stuffed"

  • Rubbing the turkey with oil should probably be done before the fisting, for the turkey's comfort and pleasure.

  • Though the turkey will probably not care, seeing as it's dead.

  • Suggestive biscuits. I should link to pictures at some point, but the general consensus was that the biscuits did look very suggestive. (I quipped at sunday_silence that if she were eating them, and she'd not put enough butter on the first one, so when she buttered up the next one, she rather overdid it, and the thing was positively dripping, what would that be? Sloppy seconds!)

  • Actually playing for each other the songs and videos that one would be otherwise linking to in LJ is entirely acceptable. Recommended topics involve utter crack, good music, hilarity, and OMFGBBQ. Like the guy who was actually on fire. That one got played like 20 times. This may involve pre-loading items onto your machine for play at the function if there is no wireless internet available, or if the available wireless is known to be poor in quality. *cough*ASU*cough*

  • Bringing a laptop is recommended, naturally.

  • All camera equipment should be fully charged, have plenty of memory, and quickly available to hand when something particularly cool or funny happens. It's considered polite to run any potentially unflattering shots by the subject before sharing with the whole internets.

  • Blog it. At least the good parts. Again, embarrassing or potentially embarrassing moments should be double-checked with the subject before being shared with the entire world.

  • An LJ gathering is one place at which you will not get a funny look for drafting a blog post about what just happened in your head while it's happening.

  • Talk shop. 'Nuff said.

  • Exchange LJ identities with all present, if you don't know each other. Someone will make a master list of attendees with usernames. Adding in face-to-face names, and descriptions and perhaps pictures, might be useful if not everyone knows each other. If any organizing principle realizes that there will be attendees who don't know each other, nametags might be helpful.

  • Have a totally awesome time.

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On Shrimpy, and why I missed noticing that he was gay: "He completely missed 'flaming' and went right into 'Teletubby'."
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To essay/rant about:

Financial digital divide opening up, between broadband and lower-bandwidth users. Why? Besides obvious things like web-only content like viral media videos that are unavailable or take days to download for people with really slow connections, there are the websites that design in really heavy flash and suchlike, and don't have a bare-bones version of their site for people on dial-up. These people, at least in theory, will either a) upgrade if they can afford it, or b) go away.

It annoys me.