December 4th, 2006

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The Adventures of Ping

Working on getting some things out into new format. Crazy-stuff. Had to consult with Pink Shirt Guy on disposition of random categories of charging things. (OMG, I am turning into Percy Weasley, except I'm neither skinny, ginger, nor hanging out with Rufus-baby.) While I was in his shared office, I explained low-on-virtual-memory to him, followed in short order by walking two other managers through ping and tracert to diagnose that yes, a site they should be able to get to was inaccessible to us.

The levels of management that I was dealing with on the inaccessible website issue were certain that they'd never remember either ping or tracert; the one's nearest memory hook for "ping" was golf-related.

"Like throwing a golf ball at something and seeing if it bounces back," I told her.

They're going to corner me for these things before they snag Actual IT, now.
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phone, cordless phone

"Welcome to the Workplace", round II

So I was sitting down to get lunch at the seven and a half hour point (don't worry: this is why I bring random snack crackers, so my body doesn't take the hit like that and I don't tear the head off of anyone important) and words popped into my head. So I pulled out my journal-of-the-moment and scribbled them down.

It looks like my failed NaNo of last year, "Welcome to the Workplace", is making a comeback, with bonus new characters and situations. In fact, the only thing that's for sure staying the same is the actual workplace.

This is going to be interesting. It's the same concept, following a stressed office worker around until she explodes, but this time there's less distinct potential for lame, mostly because it's more a novel and less an administrative procedural.

Poor prissy Kerri Kennedy. Poor Kerri's workplace.
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You haev wonz a priez!

"Hi, how was your day? I worked a 10 hour shift!"
"...Inventory. ... ... Who wins?"
"What do I win?"
*Azz points at the bowl of apples and pears*
"...Of course."

In related news, I need to find a local place that sells those dreadful candies that are plastic fruit-shapes with disgusting candy powder in them. This is because we are giving out prizes at the company holiday party. One of them absolutely must be a box with those in it.
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