December 10th, 2006

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Woke up this mornin'

I leave my alarm on the whole week around. I've been having random surreal dreams. I slept for quite a good portion of Saturday: I slept in, then took a nice nap or two. Since I've been pushing myself week upon week upon week, this makes sense that I'd catch up on some of it.

No matter when I call the Darkside on a weekend, he seems to have not had breakfast yet. I'm not sure if this was the case today. I called and his parents were requiring the highly technically complicated process of moving a VCR. I teased him about his probable technical competence at age 75, getting tech support from his grandchildren.

No Death Note for us today. I called later and checked in on things, but no. I'll try again next weekend, for Sunday.

We always have pun wars. This one included an Excel thread: "No need to get graphic!"
"... ... ... I'm trying to think up a response that doesn't include 'draw a line down your X-axis, baby'..."
"Y, you deviant."
"That's standard."

He seems to be in a vile mood this weekend. Not as bad as most, but certainly not non-zombie.

Other than that, I've been attempting to clear out bits of my in-box, reading my friends page, desultorily poking at the summary-in-progress, procrastinating on that with the Hisssstorical Fic, vacuuming, doing dishes, doing laundry, putting things in crockpot... being domestic, in short.

Work's going to be crazy.
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