December 17th, 2006

bleeding, Ryoko

There's going to be all kinds of TMI in here.

"Your Heart Is Full of Unwashed Socks" -- picture-perfect Snape/Lupin post-war Christmas dinner, with One Big Happy Weasley Family & Tonks. *snort* Syeah, right. Purest crack.

Recap on My Life, such as it is:
Wednesday was Wednesday, and Wednesdays generally rock. This Wednesday had some twists and turns, but it was still a decent one all told.

Thursday was the supervisor-involved off-site company party. Collapse )

Friday involved paperwork in the morning. I did my usual paperwork out of order, as the office wasn't done with some of it yet. I finished things up, and then found myself a little at a loss for productive things to do. It was clearly time for ... THE DISK COPY PROJECT! I'd previously requisitioned a floppy drive for my shiny machine from Turbo. I employed it. The project is finished. I went home.

Friday night was painful. I've been having some issues with my teeth. Collapse ) I came to realize that this warranted an emergency dentist trip. I took another one of the blessed things and went to sleep.

I'd intended to wake up to the alarm on Saturday morning and check out the place that opened at 9 and took emergencies. Collapse ) I was working on a text-message post about how I was utterly bloody petrified when they came in and proceeded to remove the tooth from my poor face.

Collapse )

I was happy enough with the experience that I made an appointment for January 6th to see about the front tooth/the rest of my teeths. I told Mama tonight that I may have actually Found a Dentist, rather than found someone who is going to be working on the teeth.

I presented my prescriptions to fill, went home, changed and collected my fudge, picked up my prescriptions, and went to the potluck with interviewers. Collapse ) Since I was part of the set-up and take-down crew, I will be getting paid for that part of things. Yay. Overtime!

I'm feeling very all right. I'm sore, I'm groggy, and I can't wait for this to heal, but omg it feels so much better than it did with that tooth in.

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