December 21st, 2006

running, bomb tech

work and writing and all the things between.

Work: did paperwork in the morning, database in the afternoon (uploading and gathering together stuff for) and then making SAT vocab word searches. Did through 60; need to do a few more and then happiness will be; nice random word searches with happy word lists and definitions and happiness!

Neither trystan_laryssa nor samurai_ko was able to come tonight. Am getting v. frustrated with the apparent communication skills of some parties, the ones who don't pass along messages. I'm wondering about like stuff and things with brain-breaky or something and getting a bit worried.

Writers group was a hoot. Must do thing with hard drive from Gemini; must clear stuffs off the 256mb stick. Acting out of bizarre scenes involving transit to bedroom while kissing. The kissing was fake but the pick up and carry part was so not. Photos happened.

Dinner involved singing.

Am v. exhausted. Shower then bed.
phone, cordless phone

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice!

I unwrapped the Solstice package from the parents. Jam! Yay!

I have a candle on here in the office. It is making various little explody sounds and puffs of smoke. It is in a jar but I am watching it very cautiously. It is sitting away from the computer and not too near the stack of TPS Reports.

Pink Shirt Guy is out sick today. hcolleen says that if I come home early, she has some utter crack movie to share as well as Death Note and Bleach. If I do not come home that early, my cunning plan was "Multi-Bleach! Multi-fun!" (I think we unnerve our neighbors.)
phone, cordless phone

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Quite chilly indeed. This building needs people in it to stay nice and warm like it's supposed to be. I have my jacket and a little tiny fire in a jar (and I'm warming my hands on the jar) and I'm still feeling chilled from sitting here for too long.

Clearly, the answer is music that is more bloody upbeat so that I will be shaking everything I have to shake.
running, bomb tech

It's not the weekend quite yet, but it needs to be.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Exalted Highness Duchess Azure the Laconic of Londinium-le-Thames
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Worked until there was no more random work. Stretched random work by contributing to the number of SAT-vocabulary word search puzzles around the workplace. Eventually was out of there by 2pm. I had nearly been falling asleep back there, in addition to being too cold.

Came home, watched Moon Child (subtitled), laughed at all the right places and some of the wrong ones too (I don't get to watch this one with Darkside, because I laugh at some of the really wrong places), then watched Bleach and Death Note. Then I fell on my face in bed, and I have a suspicion that once I get myself around some soup, I'm probably going back there. It's not the weekend quite yet, but it needs to be.