December 27th, 2006

phone, cordless phone


When I walked in, Shotzie greeted me with a delightedly sarcastic comment about looking like a disco ball.

phone, cordless phone

Oh *gods* no.

Oh, gods, no.

It appears as if someone did something Very Bad yesterday. It is Just Not Right for someone to sit on screens on a training version of a job from the wrong month. It is more wrong that they were not caught at the time, though since I have a twisty little mind that can twist in the exact same way hers does, I know exactly how she did it now that I know that she did it. Question suggested to Pink Shirt Guy's Counterpart to ask about the girl: "How was her production?"

In other supplementary news, the problem of the roof and/or attic seems to have been one of noise. My instincts saying it needed discussion with Management were dead-on, unfortunately.
running, bomb tech

wtf do you mean, "server not found"? Hi, big brother.

One of the worst random reading experiences that I had was at an early incarnation of the writing group. The entire group had gotten into pieces on some very down-home and personal experiences, and I was reading something about something that had made a huge impact. It was sore, but the group was listening ...
... and then another participant in the experience, not a member of the group, came in there, and was listening also.
I closed down and stopped reading.

One of the best laughs of the year was the BVD Drive saga. I shared the e-mail chain with the cleaning crew in at work this morning. Much love.

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