December 28th, 2006

phone, cordless phone

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

And then I wish that there were a place that wasn't watched like a hawk by LJ competitors that the staff could talk massively openly with LJ users.

What's really needed to regain old-school LJ user trust in LJ is open and honest communication. Unfortunately, and it sucks massively that it's so, any truly honest communication has to be out of the sorts of public forum that a competitor will be watching, and any public communication has to be incomplete.
running, bomb tech

Things that are stressing me out:

Work: not so horribly much, but it's sort of a constant thing.
This random rash I got yesterday at some point. I don't know if it's in reaction to my antibiotics or the damn dress. It's fading now, whatever it is. I will have to remember from now on that amoxicillin may have caused me to break out in red blotchy spots from the knees up to the neck, and on the arms down to the hands. Either that, or it was the dress. (It's dry clean only and has been in the closet for a while; when I washed it last night, I was kind of scared by what color the water turned. So I'm not discounting the possibility of the dress.)
My general health. This is a constant thing.
My eyes. I need to get them checked again, and get new lenses, and possibly new frames.
My teeth, but a lot less so now that I have an appointment for the 6th to get them all looked at and the cavity on that front one seen to.
Darkside, lack of seeing same.
LJ, stress related thereto.

...There are more, I'm sure, but this isn't a post I have concentration for.