December 31st, 2006


Night notes, posted in the morning.

Contextual pop-ups have made it easy for me to leave first longhair and then fragmentedminds. Both of them were wearing on me. I think, unfortunately, that unless bipolypagangeek suddenly obtains a far better content-to-introduction ratio, I'll be making a departure from there as well. The fun of being bi, poly, pagan, and geek is far less fun when there's no actual geeking about stuff -- why know all these fun people when I do not so much with them?

I could probably cure part of that lack-of-content by generating some content myself for there, but not now -- tired, unmotivated, reading back entries and doing end-year catchup stuff.

I'm so very glad they got me off the floor, not supervising, and doing paperwork. I was the actual supervisor for a while on things, and I really did poorly with it (even though I tried very hard and did a decent job by anyone else's standards) and didn't' like it at all.
Order and Chaos, Escher

It's been a year, all right!

This year has been the least sane year at work yet.

In January, I was still the attendance-clerk, and there was moving and shaking happening to the company. In April, I became a supervisor-running-jobs, with the promise that I would become an actual supervisor. In July, the promotion hit, around the same time I went away from Field to work on the database. I eventually became an Administrative Assistant, sometime around September/October. This position is a far better fit than Supervisor. I feel like I'm being groomed for Management, as well as taking over some of the boring paperwork. I acquired a moonlighting position, too, though that won't officially start until next year.

There was moving and shaking in my home life too. I was unhappy at living by myself, once I'd gotten my fill of peace and quiet, but wasn't sure how to go about fixing that in a safe and sane way. Then hcolleen needed Out of her souring roommate situation before things got much worse. I offered living room floor crash space, or perhaps something longer depending on how things went ... and that's worked out excellently well, after the loft-bed came into play to actually create living room floor space again!

(I am still Amused that work thinks that hcolleen and I are involved in any way other than just being roommates, because they're so very wrong. But that is why they are Work, because they're good at making silly social assumptions.)

LJ changed roles in my life. The Support "break room" IRC channel is now my default place to hang out and just loon around, rather than LJ itself. That's OK, because it's still LJ people! I've not much time for active support right now, but I'm still a channel class clown, and I do my best to do social analysis of LJ stuff and translate back and forth between the geek-types who keep LJ ticking and the LJ users who keep LJ alive. That was something I started this year: doing writeups of current events on LJ. I'm still amazed that the one summary of the thing with the craxx0rbitches got translated into Russian! And speaking of LJ people, I think this year's Thanksgiving was like the best ever, and that includes Thanksgivings with my family when I was a kid.

There's also writing group. That's excellent also! The group has really come together coherently over the last year, despite the NOLA Novelist Lady. It's getting to be a tight-knit family of writers, rather than just a loose conglomeration of random people who write together.

I got a car this year! This is my second car-that-is-mine, but my first car that I got myself, and that I'm solely responsible for. My parents arranged a used car for me back in Alaska, and I was paying them off bit by bit, but this is *my* car, and that fact fills me with great glee. Previously, I'd been borrowing Sis's car, and car-sitting for V periodically. Having a car is nice. One of the main factors driving the decision was my social life with regard to Darkside. Darkside is not Mr. Sociability, but he will gracefully adjust to people like me sort of ambushing him with elements of a social life.

Darkside and I remained about the same in our bizarre little social dance around each other. The main change is that he's now comfortable with the idea of me spending time around his parents: that does not cause him to shriek or blanch anymore. Other than that, we're still good friends, I still have strong and probably permanent feelings for him, and I'm still courting him with serious intent should he ever decide that we might work out well together. This year, I managed not to do anything stupid like date any Mormon boys. This is good!

The worst thing that happened this year was my computer's hard drive dying, and the downtime associated with that. I have a deep and abiding personal dislike of Dell Computers now, and I hope they suffer severe financial losses as a result of their general piss-poor customer service.

It's been a year. I'm happy I have had all my friends around me this year, happy that I've made more, and so grateful that I'm going to be departing 2006 with no hard feelings for anyone I love.
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Quite profoundly drunk. Rum & coke. Cat in heat. Guitar hero. There are games and I am drunk. All sorts of people. Drum game now. Magic geeking too. Explanation.

(Drum game = Donkey Konga, for the record.)