Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Where You Smile, and Then You Nod.

I tried my hand at making sushi tonight. I looked up a recipe for the proportions of stuff, then while everyone else was out of the kitchen, I began humming happily to myself and putting sushi together. I stopped when I ran out of rice.

Then, I called votania into the kitchen in the break between episodes of Invader Zim.

"So, you think we have enough sushi?" I asked, pointing her towards the refrigerator, where the sushi was chilling, waiting upon being cut.

She looked. She smiled. She nodded.

I think we have at least seven logs in there. At least. I think we'll be cutting those into seven or eight pieces each...

That's a lot of sushi, if you're considering that there are two people in the household who eat it.

Well, three, if you count eris_raven.

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