January 1st, 2007

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Party was fun!

Hosts: easalle, her husband, and the sprog.
Attending: danielle_faye and her attached, some friend-dude of theirs, rhea_windrider and her husband, some neighborhood teen types, me, some tall redhead wearing a wig and her attached, and my new boss's nephew.

There was lots of rocking out with Guitar Hero. There was lots of boozing-up. I perched on the couch and read for a while, then wandered over to near the random game. There was Tarot reading going on. There was pizza. There was some game involving electronic bongoes; that game managed to disturb the downstairs neighbors. (Bonkosity!) There was general goodwill and love for one's fellow man/woman/child. There were outrageous anecdotes, and good cheer between co-workers. (OMG, I have more co-workers!!) I got complimented on my fingernail polish, general style, and what I'd done with my hair. (I'd grabbed the top layer, twisted it, and then pinned it up, sort of like a vertical infinity bun that twisted back on itself.) Evidently I have a style and bearing similar to that of figment0's late wife.

rhea_windrider wanted to know what was up with the whole Darkside thing, and had some advice based on her instincts and what she knew of the situation. I had to explain more of what was going on. Yes, I am being very laid-back and not pushing the issue. Yes, this is on purpose. No, he is not open to the idea of any relationship with anybody right now. Collapse )And it gets SO OLD having to explain this each time someone who means the best in the world comes along and tries to give the same advice that's already been given ten billion times. There are things in the way, and now that I know what a lot of them are, I am reasonably patient with the situation as it is. There are things that I can do something about, and I'm working slowly and steadily on those. There are things that I can do little to nothing about, but at least I know that they exist. I'd say that I'm OK with it, but since I'm not OK with it, that would be a damned lie, but what I am with it is patient and understanding and willing to give both of us the time and space and persistence that we need in order to have things work out at least reasonably OK. I'm not going to shove myself at him, because I value our friendship and I don't want to take the chance of alienating him by being too pushy. That would be a very real risk. Nor am I going to be too laid-back and stand the chance of losing track of him by not insisting on keeping our precious communication. That is a worse risk.

My shields were up tight at first, then got a little leaky. I worked to restore that. The link was nicely bright & warm, especially when I sent the greeting along. ♥ Darkside. Curmudgeon best friends are still love, as much as we might occasionally want to hit them with Cluebat 2.0.

There was a really cracktastic marathon on Adult Swim. Pickles would be cute, except he looks too much like someone I wish I'd never known. It's the balding long-scraggly-haired man thing, I think.

I got home safely. There was one car in another lane at the 17 and Peoria that I'm sure contained drunk people, as there was hooting and hollering emanating from it, but otherwise the streets were remarkably sane. There were lots of traffic lights on the blink, though.
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Housewife's Lament

Follow me in merry measure

I was wrong! The Happy New Year present from the parents is in fact a chocolate key lime, and not a chocolate orange as I'd thought from the packaging. Hooray for parents shaking up my assumptions!

Called Darkside. Darkside is feeling poorly, and in fact didn't get to go to the party that he'd been planning to go to. Poor Darkside. All is forgiven, given that a stiff few words of apology from him means more than several paragraphs from someone else. ("I'm sorry about all this.")

I poured Scary Goo down the bathtub drain, and now the bathtub is draining! This is happiness!

The Bachelor from the Bachelor Apartment from Hell IMed me today. He has the habit of randomly sending me IMs whenever he thinks of me. He and I have pretty much no relationship. He was the friend of BJ, and all my memories of him are associated with BJ, and really, I have no desire to have anything to do with him. We might have been OK to be acquaintances after the relationship between BJ and me dissolved, except for the fact that the roommate situation with the whole Bachelor Apartment from Hell ended on a sour note and pretty much the only one of them I'd voluntarily seek out contact with is Dances with Underwear. I thought I'd made it fairly clear that I was trying to cut off all contact with BJ. But the Senior Bachelor kept trying to relay stuff between us. I don't wish to have any people in common with BJ (OK, Dave and Mike Swift-who-played-Who and his wife and some of the Star Trek crew from Fairbanks can be the exceptions) but the Senior Bachelor from the Bachelor Apartment from Hell is not a person I wish to continue associating with. But since I'd not made that clear enough in the past, I made it clear today.

Senior Bachelor: hope you had a happy new yrs eve... and hello from Baghdad.. enjoy...
Me: Please do not contact me again.
Senior Bachelor: why..?

I left it at that. I had no desire to get into any sort of discussion with the guy.

I seem to have also Won at Soup. I have an inexplicable fondness for Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup, slightly modified. I have a perfectly explicable wish to avoid paying upwards of $1/can for the stuff. I decided to try and duplicate at least some of it. I have white beans (not enough), a can of tomato paste (just about right), two packages of bacon (eee, over-processed and not chopped small enough), a hunk of cheese (I probably added it too soon), quite a few squirts of Tabasco sauce (mmm), a cube of onions (I hope that doesn't make it too onion-y), a little bit of sage, and a handful of carrots (not diced like they should be, and not enough). I spent ten to fifteen minutes skimming it just a bit ago, so there's less grease to contend with.

My laundry is done and actually put away, with clothes set out for tomorrow and a nightgown set out for tonight.

I've been bringing lunch to work and succeeding fairly well at that since early October. I have not yet totally succeeded at doing home cooking for every meal, but I'm getting closer as my crockpot is learning to appreciate me more. This week, I have rice awaiting me, as well as a remaining serving of Nuclear Chicken. I'm wondering if I should pour some of the soup over the rice, as that went well for supper tonight. Or perhaps I may just sprinkle them with soy sauce, pack along a little cheese, and have straightforward cheesy rice every day this week. Lack of variety is a bane sometimes, though I can get used to things like that. I have applesauce and apples, anyway, and those are good standards. Applesauce and berries is another classic. I wonder if I should prepare a mug for morning.

I just unsubscribed from Flylady. The principle is generally sound, but Flylady's brand of "flywashing" does not go over so well with me. Ordinarily Flylady is pretty chill, and does the "adapt all this stuff to fit your lifestyle; don't expect me to rewrite it especially for you; you've got the brains to think for yourself and adapt what I'm saying to fit what you need to do." Except on the sink thing. Today she went off saying that if you aren't actually shining your sink, feel free to unsubscribe, because they'll be there when you do decide to start following her instructions to the letter and shining your damn sink. So, I unsubscribed. I've been contemplating it for a while, because while there's good housekeeping advice, I wish I could get the good housekeeping advice and zone reminders without the Flylectures and perkycheer and testimonials. Their culture is not my culture, and I don't wish to become part of their culture. I just want to clean my damn apartment.

I did a lot of mending today. It doesn't seem like a lot, but compared to how much mending I usually do, and the fact that my mending box is now empty, it was a lot. I had to thread the needle quite a few times. I fixed two skirts, my purple sweater-type thing, and a bra. I let one skirt go. The slinky-skirt with the ruffle is now in the out-box: it has a little hole in it from my cellphone clip, a little bleach spot, and it's too short for me. I much prefer the rayon skirts, though I'm keeping the velvet skirts and the legacy slinky-skirts (though those are the next to go) and the slinky-skirt with the glitters on it.

When hcolleen got home, she noticed that it had been a pajama day. Pajama days are fairly restful, though they do leave me feeling a bit grungy at the end of it all. I'm all showered now, with my hair neatly braided back and conditioned.

Part of today's cleaning effort is related to the fact that Wednesday is the day when the Trained Professionals from Cox are supposed to be showing up. That should be delightful fun!
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