January 2nd, 2007

that's no moon, glasses

flash & wickedness

Sis sent me a holiday box. One of the random things in it was a barrette. And such a barrette! I'll have to make it hold still long enough to take pictures. I was planning to wear it for new year's, but it started falling apart (white glue will do that when faced with the wear & tear I put things through). The Gorilla Glue is drying now.

It's very purple.

I think I'll wear it to work.
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phone, cordless phone

Work this morning has the potential to become insane.

Doing things out of order this morning. I expect to
pay for it in massive confusion and suchlike.

Oh yes. Complete confusion, and a gentle little
smackdown for LLG, who managed to confuse "a COPY on
my desk" for "give the originals to me instead of the
office they actually go to". But since I don't
actually know who did that, I get to send the
"clarification" to all the teams, with a cc: to
the office it should have gone to. (If you're going to
be a bitch, at least you can be a polite one. Good
gods, I had better not turn into Dotty Dolly.)

I'm being held up on my paperwork by something that
isn't my responsibility. That makes me feel
self-assured and human.

Aha! The Princess is done with the spreadsheet! Score!

Hoo boy. I get to do Management's Neighbor's Expense
Reports! Sampling will teach me how it's done. There's
this big-ass stack of receipts, evidently, just
waiting there with my name on them.
caffeine, beautiful addiction


There is no more free coffee day from the coffee vending machine at work. However, since I am a supervisor, every day features plain coffee that is free. It is a motivational thing.
wank me a river, Enki

Things that haven't been blogged about but need to: the keys!

trystan_laryssa was over here a couple months ago, and we wound up having a nice gossip and soak in the hot tub. All was good with the universe. We went to go back up to the apartment. Now, since this was to be a nice girls' night soak in the hot tub, I'd brought some wine in plastic containers down with us, and so I was a little unsteady on the feet. trystan_laryssa had had less than I had, so when I was a little clumsy attempting to turn the key in the pool gate and lift the latch at the same time, she took the keys from me and tried herself.

And wouldn't you know, she was the one who dropped the keys.

Outside the fence. Along with my cellphone, which was attached to the keys for safekeeping of both it and the keys.

I searched around for a stick. She attempted to pull the unit back inside.

After about ten minutes of insanity along these lines, I spied a neighbor out for a smoke, and called them to our aid. They let us loose, snickering all the while.

Ahh, youth.
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