January 3rd, 2007

living room

The 'net is a series of tubes.

I proposed stringing cable through some of the random pool noodles that there happen to be around the apartment. This led to me waving one of the pool noodles at hcolleen, and hcolleen picking up Clue Bat 2.0 and beating me about the head and shoulders with it.

Actions in IRC can be mildly hazardous if actually played out. Much funnier that way, also, to echo actions between the worlds like that...
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phone, cordless phone

Cox!!! Coxcoxcox.

I am informed that the apartment now has cable
internet, which makes surfing = approximately the
speed of light.

Evidently the dude(?) came with the cox. The packets
are streaming! w00t!!

Cable internet for the win! (Yes, I am far too amused
by the name of our new ISP. In other news, I am a
zombie and hope to go home once things start doing
things and being have, which is probably not a
realistic hope but still.)
phone, cordless phone

Too much Cox makes me walk funny.

Tried walking at work, following a 45 minute meeting
with Management about spreadsheets. I'm sore and tired
and clumsy. Wandered into admin office, where the
Princess, Snarky Lady, her highness the queen of the
office, and the Web Geek were. Fumbled walking roll; bumped into
table. "Had too much of Grandpa's cough syrup before
work?" the Web Geek asked.

"I didn't get enough sleep, because I got Cox this
morning!" I said, levitating slightly on the word

"..." said everyone.

"... We went from DSL to cable this morning, so I had
to clean up. Cox is the new ISP," I clarified.

The tale is making its way around the office.
I'm notorious.
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Writing group!

D lost track of time; she'll be getting together with samurai_ko to see about carpooling, as my carpool is getting filled up.

Poetry and pancakes.

"You can't fight demons without pancakes."
"Toast is less mushy, and peanut butter is protein."
"I'd like to propose a toast."
"Toast! Toast! Toast!"
"A toast to pancakes!!"
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