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Porn leads to plot.

Mike is nuts. M asked when I was reading if what I was reading was related to Hell's Angel. I said no, but that they were in the same universe because they shared the Neutral Denny's.

Then at dinner we were talking about random stuff, and the idea of pr0n on the internet came up. And that led to Mike finding pr0n on the internet. And that led to Mike asking Connie if they could try some of the stuff that he'd found in some pr0n on the internet. And that really demanded, what did he find on the internet? He was really reticent about sharing what specific *things*, but he did disclose *what* he'd found... fanfic. But what fanfic? Dragonlance, of course. Raistlin/Crysania. Mike is a soppy mushball when it comes to pr0n. Totally. So he and Connie were making enthusiastic plans to have lots and lots of sex, and I'm looking at them and wanting to know: "Um, guys? When in the plot are you doing this?"

And that's when the demon spoke up, and said "Oh, by the way, Bozo was a pawn; wasn't he cute? My cunning plan is ongoing." And that's when I realized that it seems to be a three-parter: one with Mike/Connie vs. Bozo, one with Nick-and-Mary, and then possibly what happens when Mike and Connie realize that they're intersecting with Nick and Mary. I think that one may be Raven and Amber's book, and then Raven and Amber have the prequel too.

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The Woes of the Shared Database

Snarky Lady did not know that the update query I was running involved a table that she had locked.

I will not kill her.
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Enough smackity for a whole house

So we're clear on this -- this is the sort of query you leave running overnight, because sitting and waiting for it to do its thing doesn't really do it.

Pink Shirt Guy won't be here today, but today is the day I meet with Sampling on how to get Traveling Management's expenses into our expense program. w00t.

The office wasn't in yet the last time I looked, but the paperwork had been distributed to the office. This causes me a bit of a difficulty until the other office (the main admin office) is open. (Field Management's office is low-traffic. Field Admin office is high-traffic. Pink Shirt Guy and his Business counterpart are Management. The Princess and the Queen of the Office are Field Admin.)

... Business Management just told me that if my characters ever started becoming real people, that I should talk to someone. This is the hazard you get when you talk cheerfully about the writing process in public. Characters are not compliant little paper dolls all the time. Once they have a real character, you can't just do things to them. Well, you can make things happen to them, but you can't force them to do things without some sort of outside force acting on them. For example, if I needed Connie to walk into a random bar and get it on with a married geekboy, I'd have to set things up so that this was the next logical step for her to do. This would involve either a messy divorce or the traumatic death of her husband. This is why that one wordless smut piece is so very, very AU, because I would not do that to *my* Connie.

ACK. The team that did not turn in their crucial item of paperwork yesterday? They didn't turn it in today either. Business Management made with the smackity after the Guru complained, because he needed that paperwork, and this is the 2nd day in a row. SMACKITY.
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The team that didn't turn in their paperwork has made a pretty thorough impression on their team lead as a bunch of ditzes. They were shoving it in the wrong slot, that's what they were doing.

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Backdated from an e-mail to myself from work

(noonish) Trying to get the $wayuppermanager Sheets set up for 2007. Not feeling the love here. The sheets do not love me, and I'm not so sure that I love their programmer.

I am pushing my machine's processing capabilities to the max again. Query that I started immediately I got in this morning is still running. That tells me things that are bad.

1:36pm -- Still running.

I use death metal as a threat to my co-workers. It amuses me to do so. Pandora gives me a nigh-unlimited supply of music. I should really tune a station to "Fucking Obnoxious Tunes", for use as a deterrent should anyone such as LLG invade my sanctuary.

1:52 -- The head Site Services guy, Lobot, is setting up for a meeting here. There is no internet. Nondescript Geek just trotted off to fix that. Not all of the outlets provide us with the internets, and Lobot was confused momentarily by this until the Nondescript Geek explained.

I have a meeting with Sampling, momentarily. I get to help with the thing with the thing, or something like that.

Ah, they have the internets now. They've got a good set of tubes.

I am curious about this meeting. I always want to know everything around here.
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From last night...

I'm getting spam e-mail with weather warnings in the subject.

When I came home, my cable spaghetti had gone really spaghetti. I usually have it more or less under control. It got cocked up somehow, between the time I left and the time I came back. *eyes the Cox man suspiciously*

Cox cannot spell. The Cox man believes that I am "azurelunitac". Even Semagic knows that's not right. Fortunately, Cox-the-website seems to spell better. hcolleen mentioned that it was hysterical listening to the dude attempt to spell my name: "Alpha Zebra ... Umbrella?"

I totally just tried to put the power adapter for the phone into the headphone hole. On AzureGhost, no less. (On Ruby, it's right in the same place. On AzureGhost, it's on the diagonally opposite corner.)

Divination by pancake. Poor Raven has the Gift, see...